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Requests for Materials
Here is a topic to be used to show people what it is you need to farm still for gear upgrades or enchantment upgrades to your gear. I will be keeping a list of the various materials I am holding for the run to be distributed for upgrade purposes. Please send me any spare primals you might have so that they can be distributed to people for upgrading gear. I'm counting on people to make this a communal effort and a way to bring together some team unity. So if you want to indulge, please contribute as well.
Damoxian's Material List. Please check last update for accuracy as of now.

Primal Fire - 4
Motes of Fire -6
Primal Air - 0
Motes of Air - 7
Primal Water - 2
Motes of Water - 2
Primal Earth - 3
Motes of Earth - 2
Primal Mana - 0
Motes of Mana - 0
Primal Life - 0
Motes of LIfe - 0
Primal Shadow - 1
Motes of Shadow - 0
Primal Might - 0
Adamantine Bars - 18
Khorium Bars - 8
Elementium Bars - 14

Greater Healing Potions - 11
Greater Mana Potions - 1
Elixer of greater Agility - 0
Elixer of Major Strength - 0

Living Ruby - 1
Talasite - 1
Shadow Draenite - 4
Azure Moonstone - 3
Golden Draenite - 1
Flaming Sasperite - 1
Deep Peridot - 1

Soul Essence - 4
This Post will be an ongoing list of what people require. Broken down to mats for certain Items. I will list them in order of priority. If you have issues with how these are prioritized, please tell me, so that I can place you on ignore and not have to listen to your whining.

Damoxian's Epic Flying Mount Fund: 1402 Gold / 5900 Gold
Damoxian Wrote:Damoxian's Epic Flying Mount Fund: 1402 Gold / 5900 Gold

Hah! /BONK

Sound's Repair Bill Fund: 3500 / 5200
erm, I'm a post junkie in this place... Ignore me.

(Damoxian I think this is where you wanted me to stick this..?)

[item]Alchemist's Stone[/item] (Craftable by me)

*edit* 4/13/07

My Alchemist Stone has been completed - Much thanks to Efluvious/Grommash, Damoxian, Lymoria, Krell, Gholjan and all the others!
*smirks as he lazily waves a hand and makes strike work*
The [item]Whitemend Pants[/item] have had the last of the materials needed to craft them shipped off to Zeenjai so that he can now make a pair of his very own. Thank you for all the people who helped work to collect materials for this fine item in order to upgrade our Priest. Keep materials rolling in and I'll keep dolling them out to people who need to craft things for the raid.

Hmm, your priest, singular. Intersting. Guess I can get Merrina keyed. *smirk* And go back to Shadow.
What exactly are we working towards now in regards to this? The [item]Girdle of Ruination[/item] for Dannae?
I'm not sure she needs it now. i think she got a nice belt last week didn't she? Though I now have 5 of my 10 primal mooncloth for my [Whitemend's Hood], but I will need 5 more primal might, I've been working on them slowly, since I still have to do the cloth creations.

I'd like to get that bloody thing made for the set bonus. though I will miss my hallowed hood Sad


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