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Repping up a bodyguard follower
Hi all,

I've found a great place to grind reputation with a bodyguard follower:  the Swamplight Trail in Shadowmoon Valley.  This is a little valley that opens onto the east bank of the river, southeast of the Burial Fields, and just north of the Dyvari Overgrowth.

The Swamplight Trail is packed with groups of tiny level-90 mobs: Riot Blossoms (little flowers) or Swamplighter Drones (wasps).  These groups are close together, do almost no damage to a level 100 character, and have a fast respawn rate.  There's also a little cave opening onto the Swamplight Trail packed with more drones and workers. Each of these tiny mobs grants you 10 rep with your bodyguard.

A "full clear" of the Swamlight Trail involved running down the trail AoEing while zig-zagging back and forth to aggro all the little mobs, ducking into the cave to kill the wasps there, and running up onto the green slope that runs along the southern edge of the trail where it connects with the river.  At the end of each run the mobs at the beginning had respawned so I could sprint back and start all over again.

Each of these runs took me 4-5 minutes, and netted me 2000-2500 rep with my bodyguard.  Each of a bodyguard's three levels is 10,000 rep (the levels are all equal), so it only takes about 15-20 minutes here to gain a level on a bodyguard.

Zig-Zag? I think you mean Starfall!

Also works in raids to "enhance" trash pulls.

Also also, they need to stop having fake walls.

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