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Reigen Sunfire [Blood Elf Warlock]
1. State your name.

Mmm, a bit rude without introducing yourself first, isn’t it? I suppose I can overlook this, I am, after all, the lowest of the low to your bunch at this moment in time. Reigen Sunfire is my name, my closer friends simply call me Rei.

2. List your race and class, be it Undead Mage, Orc Hunter etc.

My calling? I do have a history of dabbling in the darker side of magic, all for the glory of the Horde, of course. A warlock is the general name in this tongue, I do believe, do forgive me if such is wrong. There is nothing quite like the feeling of power at your fingertips as your enemies fall before yo-. Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself again.

I take a great pride in my people, we Sin’dori...er...Blood Elves as most call us, are not to be mocked as so many enjoy doing. I will prove that we can fight just as hard, go just as far and be just as strong as any other warrior of the Horde. I’m willing to break a few nails and bones to prove this point, if any wish to contest.

3. Please introduce yourself to us, with as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time. Possible topics to touch on: What are your goals or desires? What is your greatest success? Your greatest failure?

Normally I’d ask you to buy me dinner first before I go into the great and so very exciting detail that is my life. ...Not one for jokes, are we? Ah. Ahem.

Simply put, I was born in Suncrown Village some odd years ago, not to the most wealthy of families that’s for sure. It was a strain on my body and I never was the most healthy little lynx running about. I enjoyed being on my own more often that not, finding new things to get into, new books to read and ignoring the pains of hunger. I do remember getting poked and bothered by a few doctors and priests to try to fix me up, never really worked, though the power I now command is more than enough to keep me on my feet for extended periods of time. Hrm.

As seems to be the theme with most everyone you meet, my family is no longer with me. It seems the ritual of Suncrown was messed with one year and nearly the entire village drowned. It was a confusing time. I found myself being raised by a stranger, thrust into an academy of the arcane and marrying some higher off man who wanted looks over anything else. He was rather dull, but who was I to argue with money? I think fooling that man into thinking he was good at anything was rather crafty of me.

...You don’t look very amused. Not used to how we elves handle things, are we? Pity. Children? Oh, of course not. That man was so dense I feared what any spawn of his would turn out to be.

Orcs invaded, helped the trolls - not that i’m still sore about that - and then the spoiled brat of Lordaeron came through and caused such a huge mess. My husband was one of those lost, thank goodness for that. Cruel to say? Trust me dear, if you had met him, you’d of said the same. The human filth caused even more hardships and in the end we lost a prince and used this delightfully powerful substance to replace the Sunwell for a while. My people joined your people and from your people I was introduced to the arts I currently practice.

Goals? To prove to the doubting races of the Horde that we Blood Elves are more than capable at pulling our weight. My largest failure? Mmm...that’s rather personal. I do not wish to speak of such at this moment in time. I’m sure you’ll understand.

4. Please tell us one or more notable things about you that we can use to start conversations with you (for example: a pet, a physical characteristic, a mannerism, something you carry with you).

Why, isn’t everything about me notable? Oh, come on, crack a smile, no need to be such a dud. I am vain, even if battle has left it’s many, many marks upon my flesh. I strive to look as best I can in all situations, even in the flurry of blades. It doesn’t always work out so great, but none can say I never tried. My left eye is without sight and I struggle to hear on that side.

If you guessed that I was arrogant, you’d be correct! I’m sure we can look past this and be great friends, mm? I’m easy to digest in small doses. I...do hope you like cats. I keep one with me most all the time, delightly little fuzz-balls they are. Why yes, I do have one with me now...where? What did you think this thing on my head wa- a furred hat? Heavens no!

5. Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? If so, please state so here in addition to a reply to the post itself.

Yes, yes. I’ve read this code several times and agree to follow the rules. Really, you’d think most of these would be common sense, but I suppose that sense is an earned skill in this day and age. More would do well to swear to such bindings.

1. What guilds were you in before this one, if any? How long were you a member? Why are you no longer with them?

This is the first guild I have been in since starting to play World of Warcraft.

2. What are you looking for from Ironsong?

Oh, just the general things really. I like meeting new people, even if I am extremely shy at first, and when I heard that this is a strong role-playing guild I was more than pleased. I’m really just looking for nice, fun people who enjoy role-playing as much as I do.

3. How long have you played Warcraft?

I’ve only been part of retail World of Warcraft for a month now, however I’ve played on a role-play server for nearly three years now.

4. If you have a preference, when do you tend to play?

I’m mostly on during the afternoon and evening times. The times I’m offline is generally in the 3am to 9am range, by the servers time.

5. If you have anything you would like to add to tell us more about yourself, do so here.

I’m not sure what else to add beyond that I look forward to meeting people from this guild. I sometimes do AFK rather suddenly, so I apologize ahead of time if that happens when I’m speaking to someone. I have a few rescue animals, cats for the most part, that need attention and they tend to need it -now- rather than -later-. I sort of took the IC section above as an interview and thus had the character speak directly to the interviewer on a few occasions with assumed reactions, I hope this isn’t an issue.

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