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What we are looking for are people of certain classes to fill in a few gaps in our raiding groups. I still have not heard from several of our previous raiders on the subject of their availability for this.

My hope is to launch this in the time frame of 2 weeks. starting at 3:30 pm saturday/sunday to work the kinks out of the group and see what we can do.

Daichallar has volunteered to help with the tanking, as well as Eatmore.
I will be warlocking as required.
Dannae / Zeenjai will be priesting.
Lucrenda is roguing.
Kretol might be shamaning, Waka will be Shamaning.
Ebberk? You there Ebberk? Havn't heard a thing from him.
If I missed you speak up, because obviously you havn't bothered to get a hold of me yet.

We need a druid and a paladin if at all possible. These are spots we are looking to have on either a permanent or rotating basis. Very helpful with what we have to fight. In the guild is great, out of guild is fine as well.

Hunter would be fantastic as well now that I think of it.

Food for thought right now
Dokcha and possible Sound have volunteered to step into our vacant slots, things are looking good. Mr. Ebberk, please send me some kind of tell soon.

Also, while we are down for two weeks, please take the time to get to know and group with your fellow team members, work out the performance kinks and gear up some people so they will better present themselves at the raid. Suggest enchants for good gear you already have.

Be as strong as you can be with pots and herbs laid out for the run. We have prep time, use it.
I can help as well....my schedule is very flexible

I apparently get home from work at 6:00 EST, just as a general sort of scheduling FYI. I should generally be ready to raid by 7:00 EST, 4:00 Server. That's all days of the week, as the schedule varies. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the only days I will consistently be available, but I can work around other days of the week. (I work Tuesday to Tuesday, and will generally be recuperating on the bordering days)

On days when I'm working, it's unlikely that I can raid past 11:00EST, 8:00 server.
Shantow is keyed for Kharazan and has yet to venture inside. If you are forming up for your raids and need an extra individual please keep him in mind. As feral Druid Shantow can provide some Cat form DPS, some Bear form off-tanking, as well as buffing if you have no other Druid present.
Ok, I admit it that I'm horrible at reading the totem - I'd rather play than spend all day reading posts.

Anyhoos, Dokcha is keyed and ready to go. Just someone poke me in game and let me know when we're going. (as far as I can tell you wish to run at 3:30pm server time on Saturdays and Sundays) Those times would work for me, I just need to know which weekends and such. O=)
[Image: Dokcha.png]
I am here and ready to turn my spells on undead once again.

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