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Recommended Raiding Mods
Below is a list of the mods strongly recommended for raiding with Ironsong.
Please make sure to follow the links and have the most current versions of these mods loaded.

Big Wigs




Note I will try and update this as the mods are updated or we change things.
Also if there are better places to get these mods or other mods we should include please post here.
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wowace.com is the best place actually. They even have a tool that lets you autoupdate the mods that you have (as long as they are ace mods...which many are these days). This saves me a LOT of hassle with mods.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://wowace.com/wiki/WowAceUpdater">http://wowace.com/wiki/WowAceUpdater</a><!-- m -->

edit for the actual link.

I've been using this tool for over a year and a half now. I certify it as stable, secure and very, very useful.

After you actually install the addons you want (or have them already installed before this program) you can do a simple update of all of your addons that takes about 30 seconds instead of having to go look for new versions of them.
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I love the wowace updater, as well, but I feel a little disclaimer is required for it.

Depending on what ace mod you're using, some mod authors update...ridiculously frequently (Omen is one of them). They commit their code before verifying that it works, and the wowace updater doesn't differentiate between things like "beta" versus "release" code.

Most mods will be JUST FINE using wowace updater, but you might encounter one or two with mod authors that update and break their mods more often than not. Omen, for example, is a mod that I only update when it stops working.

Either way, the utility is great. Smile

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