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Recommendations for this weekends raid
Moroes and Attunemen should be easy enough, but the Maiden will be more difficult, as Naruth is the only one able to dispell. My recommendation is to have Greyfith and Shantow in healer gear against the wall behind everyone else, spot healing the ranged that is on the pedestal, and only do a semicircle around her, keeping your distance from one another of course. You'll just have to work it out, really, but you should practice it out in the courtyard so you know where you will be standing so Naruth can hit everyone.

Now that I think about it, all of the bosses up through the curator apart from the maiden should be fine, maybe even easier, as Shantow can absorb hateful bolts, and help on the Ushers easily enough. Greyfith, Mizar and Kosath will be leading the raid, and you guys already know your jobs maybe even too well. :twisted: I'll be wishing I was with you, that's for sure. I'll be sending out a few pots to help along the way.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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I know Im the rookie.....but Shantow can absorb hateful bolts?

What's up with that?

~ Krell
It's hazing krell. The Curator 'hates' us, and will send out arcane bolts full of hatred! You get to intervene for the sake of the rest of us and take the hateful lovin'.

Don't you feel SPECIAL!?
Its a lovely 5k damage bolt full of hate.

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