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With all the different characters in Ironsong, it can be hard to keep up with everyone's stories. To clear up some of the confusion and (hopefully) encourage some more activity in guild chat, could some people post some up-to-date information on your characters here please? This way newer members and people just returning to WoW can see what's been going on with their tribe mates lately.

Thank you!

The name Kure'ei was given to her by the Aldor priests when the found her half dead with no memory of who she was. Her real name is Azshara Riversong. Having learned of the evil acts she had committed before losing her memory, Kureei chose to become a paladin and serve the naaru to try to make amends.

More recently Kureei was a prisoner of the scourge. She was tortured and blinded before being rescued by the Argent Crusade, of which she is now a devout member. She thirsts for vengeance and is slowly falling back into her old, dark ways.

Anca is still a child, and has been one for longer than she should've been. Though no one knows the specifics, a few tribe members have a pretty good idea that she's different. The fact that she is as strong and skilled as the adult members of the Tribe mean that most of the time, she is treated as an equal, though in quieter times, she is allowed to be a happy orc child.

Anca was born in a time rift, and thus isn't bound by the same rules of time that most of the world lives in. She was found by the Tribe and taken in. She has found her heritage in the orcs of Nagrand, and she has been welcomed as an honorary Kor'kron, something she takes very seriously. Most recently, she has been adopted by Sreng Skullclaimer as a daughter.
Excellent idea Kureei!


Not much is really known to the public about Lucinther. He's a rogue who loves to put his blades to use and often only follows his rules. He usually operates alone but has been known to team up with other rogues, most often with Skrap. He is a goblin engineer who is proficient at making explosives (what goblin engineer isn't?) and won't hesitate to get into a heated debate on the best way to blow something to pieces. Dispaya is his closest friend and partner in crime.

During the "Matter of Time" event Lucnther spent the majority of his time trying to set things right without messing with the present timeline. After several failed attempts, he traveled back in time one final time and followed the events without interfering with history. Once Dispaya had been burried, Lucinther slept for 8 years keeping watch over the grave until he could tell the tribe where she was.

This event also caused an interesting paradox. Before the event took place, Lucinther had dissappeared for seven months. In that time, he became a death knight, falling back into the scourge ranks and leading his own corps of scourge soldiers. When he regained his free will for the second time, he returned to Ironsong. His new appearance was not welcomed by many.
When he travelled back intime the final time, he was a rogue once more. Upon his return, he ran into himself as a death knight. Thinking the death knight to be working with the scourge, he killed himself and remained the rogue that he was and still is. Thruought the event he kept a log of everything that took place. None of the others involved , aside from Dispaya and Anca, remember the event and think that Lucinther has gone slightly insane.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]

Stalkinghoof was found as a child by his adoptive father, living among the animals of Mulgore. His adoptive parents had no children of their own, so they raised Stalkinghoof as their own son. Growing up Stalkinghoof would wander the plains, tracking animals and learning their ways. He also has a deep rooted belief in the Earthmother. It was only natural that he followed the path of the hunter.

Stalkinghoof's adoptive parents died in the plague that the Lich King set upon the world. Stalkinghoof swore a oath of vengeance upon the Lich King. No matter how small the part, he intends to have a hand in his destruction.

Stalkinghoof has been keeping a journal of his studies on animals and beasts he has encountered. Someday, he intends to have the book published. He can be seen writing and sketching in his journal when he he has free time.

Most recently he has turned away from the path of beastmastery and is currently following the path of the survival hunter. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately rewarding.
Stalkinghoof, 85th level Tauren Hunter
Krinar Cloudcleaver, 85th level Tauren Warrior
Zerthis Waterwalker, 85th level Orc Shaman
Melikar Tuskert

Whether "Tuskert" is his real last name or not is unknown. He was given the last name by his adoptive mother. She was a Night Elf who was interested in how trolls and Kel'dorei were related. Her interest led her to Stranglethorn where she found a troll village overrun by humans wanting control of the land. She found an infant troll inside what was left of a few burning ruins and took the child in as her own, hoping doing so could possibly form new allegiances within the new Horde and the Alliance.

As a child, Melikar was often shielded from society to protect his adoptive mother from being deemed a traitor. He didn't find out about the harshness of a real life until his mother's home was discovered by Warsong Outriders. Taking the elf as captive, the orcs took the young troll who was forced to be re-educated within the ranks of the Horde and the Darkspear tribe. After years of this new life, he finally set on the path to become a warrior. Soon thereafter, he met those of the Ironsong Tribe and served them as best as he could.

His most trying moment was at the Wrathgate, watching the plague take over the battle. He suffered a serious injury to the back of his right thigh and can still be seen walking with a slight limp months after the fight. His position among the Horde and fighting against the Alliance earned him the "General" title, though he seems to be quite humble about accepting the term.


Kardwel Gil'Light

Raised among a rich Sin'dorei family, Kardwel was expected to do a lot growing up. He could never please his father enough and his mother was always rather timid and never seemed to speak up much. The elf's life was entirely normal until the Dead Scar happened upon the land of Eversong Woods.

Losing his family, friends, and the one woman he held dear, Kardwel felt like his life had nothing left. Fearing he would only be hurt if he allowed himself to love again, he turned into a cold, distant being. Never did he allow himself to get too close to anyone. Until he discovered the path of the Paladin and met those of Ironsong. Though he still pushed people away constantly, one soft-hearted being has slowly been crawling into his heart through brave actions.

Recently, Kardwel had a strange manifestation of magic energy building in his body. His desires for magic were uncontainable and he feared becoming a wretched. With the help of Dispaya and the tribe, his body was destroyed and built anew from the fire used to kill him. Though he suffers from no more strong magic addictions, he has yet to figure out why such a strange manifestation happened to begin with...
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Coranda married into the Ironsong Tribe some years ago, at a ceremony officiated by Shillatae and witnessed by many prominent tribemates. She has grown from a shy young woman just out of puberty to the somewhat matronly Den Mother of the tribe, despite being no more than 30 years old. Her bags have a Mary-Poppins-esque ability to hold marvelous treats, bandages, and whatever else may be needful for the comfort of her Tribe.

Until recently, Coranda has never been without her husband Amato, bear tank and one-time Champion of the Tribe. His disappearance some months ago was a devastating blow, prompting her to abandon the Tribe to scour the whole of Azeroth in an attempt to find him. She suspects he may be lost in the Emerald Dream, a place barred to her as Ysera's realm rather than the Earthmother's.

Her ties to the Earthmother are particularly strong, giving her an uncanny ability to speak directly to Her, though the responses are often vague feelings or simple small talk rather than prophecy or direct action. She has a tendency to manipulate the elements in unusual ways, such as using globes of water to clean the floors of the guild hall or conjuring up elementals as playmates for hyperactive tribemates.
Toranda is Coranda's sister. Whether she is older or younger is a subject of some debate, and most people have given up on trying to understand why. Although blessed with a striking body (some have dubbed her "tauren barbie") and great strength, she often acts younger than she appears, leading others to believe her a calf, or a ditzy young woman. She rarely does anything to dispel this impression, though her manner belies an incisive mind nearly the rival of her sister's.

She has gone to great lengths to distinguish herself from Cora, being silly where her sister is grave, sensuous where her sister is reserved, and exhibitionist where her sister is discreet. She wears a teeny tiny tabard pinned with a broach made by Wakamito, and her armor rarely covers much of her body. This, combined with her tendency to flirt with anyone close enough to catch her attention, tends to make her stick out in the generally less demonstrative guild.

Both Coranda and Toranda sketch, but their work is quite different and as a result, Cora's sweet sketches are often overshadowed by Tor's more racy work.

Each of the girls have distinctive decorations marking them as being from the same family. Coranda wears a variety of horn caps, ever changing to suit her mood and the occasion. Currently, they are muted dark iron as befits her near-bereaved state. Toranda, on the other hand, has designs carved into her hooves and is traditionally shod rather than simply wearing shinguards and calling them shoes. She also wears a heavy ring on her tail, carved with similar symbols and the name "Coriakin."
Jabadue Bloodsnake is the only known surviving member of the Darkspear's Bloodsnake clan. Most of his kin were wiped out in the aftermath of the third war when Daelin Proudmore expelled the Darkspear from the echo isles. Jaba, as he is known, did have a brother, Filiminjaru, who was presumed lost during a raid into Serpentshrine Caverns. As a result, Jaba has a particular dislike for naga.

Jabadue started as a foot soldier of the horde during the siege of Theramore. Joining the Ironsong Tribe shortly thereafter, he has risen steadily through the ranks. Today, he is one of the military leaders of the tribe. Recently, he has been campaigning with Bloodbound in Outland and Northrend. Together, they have cleared Serpentshrine of the Naga menance, keeping one of Lady Vashj's finger on a leather thong around his neck, and defeated Kael'thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep, Archimonde in Mt. Hyjal, and Illidan Stormrage in the Black Temple. In Northrend, the lich Kel'Thuzad, Yogg-Saron, and Anub'ark have fallen to their might.

Jabadue is a battle-hardened veteran.

Not much is known about Sbin Onehorn, and he does not know much about himself. All that he remembers of his past is his early training in the druidic religion, and the joy he felt as a cat, bear, or tree. To this day, he prefers shapeshifting to being in his Tauren form. As a result, he is a druid of few words. He is not conscious of many years of his existence, having been lost in his animal and tree forms for long periods of time. Coranthir, the blood elf paladin, found him in bear form in the Ashenvale forest, fought him, and redeemed him back to consciousness. Recently, Sbin has served as Jabadue's lieutenant in military matters for the tribe.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Zlinka was born on Echo Isles to a large Troll family that fled to Durotar during the attack by Daelin Proudmore. As a child she helped build Sen'jin village with the other refugees -- she held the nails. She returned with her family to Echo Isles at the end of the Third War. Zlinka's family resisted Zalazene's undead incursions and continue to live on their small island, where Zlinka visits them from time to time.

Zlinka was a born observer who spent hours just watching. She said little, but saw and heard much. She was too light to handle a shield or a heavy weapon, so she used tiny weapons like a shard of bamboo or a broken shell. With such objects she could do a surprising amount of damage by cutting in just the right place. As she grew older, it became clear that she had the quick reflexes to stay alive in the intensity of combat, so she began training as a rogue.

When she reached adulthood Zlinka left home for the Valley of Trials for her formal training. She was intensely tribal in nature, loyal to her family and nobody else, so when she finished her training she thieved her way north to Razor Hill and west to Crossroads, stealing from anyone who turned their back on her. It was common for her to take a job, do it well, and steal from her employer on her way out the door. She sent part of her take home to her relatives.

In Crossroads, she met Oryx, a shaman, and they began working together as a team. They met many different kinds of people, and Zlinka grew from a narrowly tribal troll, loyal only to her own family, to a member of the greater Horde, loyal to the Horde community. She gradually stopped stealing from fellow Hordemates, restricting her thieving to non-Horde.

Oryx and Zlinka fell in love and married. During their travels they found a baby Tauren under the floorboards of a burned-out building in Camp Aparaje. They returned to Mulgore to give the baby to Greatmother Hawkwind, but she charged Oryx and Zlinka with the baby's upbringing. They named the baby Luna and adopted her as their daughter. A few months later they joined the Ironsong Tribe as a young family.

Zlinka earned notice in the Ironsong Tribe by cultivating favor with the Thorium Brotherhood in order to forge the valuable Nightfall axe for a great warrior of the Tribe. They journeyed through the dark portal and adventured as a young family of three, returning to visit Zlinka's family in Echo Isles for Winter Veil. In Nagrand they found a baby Mag'har orc in Sunspring post, swaddled against her dead mother. The orphanages were full, so they adopted the baby orc and named her Zora. They now adventure as a family of four, returning to Zlinka's family on Echo Isles to see her childhood haunts, and to Oryx's family in Mulgore and Winterspring). They recently moved from their little home in Orgrimmar to a new home in Dalaran, where they continue their adventures in Northrend.

((OOC: I have also started writing one-off short stories which have enabled me to explore darker themes than are possible with Zlinka. I posted the first of these, River Rising, last spring, wrote a second one this summer and am currently working on a third story.))

Dreadsinger (born Veldemyr Sunsong) is the former High Choir Marshall of the Dawnsingers, a group of singing priests in the former glory days before the war, and the pride of the noble house Sunsong. Betrayed from within during the war, he was killed and raised as a deathknight, and dubbed "Dreadsinger" as his songs were now only suitable for the dead.
Not one to ever take a negative at face value, he has put on a smile and taken his second chance at fighting the scourge, and is learning more about his warped voice, using it to spread despair, plague, and pain to the scourge, and even provide the living with fighting spirit. Always wearing a smile and a sunny disposition, he is both an afront and a credit to deathknights among the Horde.
He can often be heard among the cliffs outside the Guild Hall, singing to welcome the dawn each morning.

The story on Tha'nuist's origins is found Here. The story on the release of her father from the Lich King's curse and her decision to turn from shadow to light is found here

Earlier this year Tha'nuist agreed to go to Ura's village in an attempt to get the druid to stop babbling about "da earf shakins commin". During this visit she ingested a strange concoction prepared by Ura that allowed her to see the most fearsome images of what Ura and her grumpy old mentor saythe future holds. Tha'nuist has written it off on hallucinations caused by the unknown herbs, at least in the conversations she has with others. Deep down she is fearful and plans on enjoying what she thinks is the end of her life.

Tha'nuist has the reputation of being a silver tongued flirt, but her banter rarely goes beyond words. She actually dreams of "true love" and is seeking it out, now unsure if her previous decisions regarding her romantic life were based on true feelings.


A short story involving Ura can be found Here and she is mentioned at the end of Tha'nuist's second story.

Originally born mute, Ura has had a hard life of ridicule over being percieved as being of low intelligence. Only the elders of her village knew of her true potential and secretly trained her in the delicate art of potion making. When she began displaying the powers of druidism many in her village were shocked that a young girl they had thought mostly useless could wield such strong powers. With newfound respect they sent her out into the world to put her skills to use.

She met Tha'nuist in a small bar in Silvermoon and was delighted when the priestess took an interest in teaching the Tauren how to talk. Although her speaking skills are less than perfect, Ura is just delighted to be able to communicate.

While the rest of Azeroth keeps their eyes turned to Northrend, Ura has returned to her village to find out more about strange visions she had been experiencing. She is rarely seen by tribe anymore, which saddens her, but she knows she will better serve them trying to figure out the meaning of her shaking, fire filled visions.

No stories involving Oga have been written at the moment, though I do have a few floating around my head Big Grin.

She is the epitome of the rough and tough orc woman. Although deeply committed to the elements and the ways of Shamanism, Oga can't help but scoff at those who exhibit delicate and refined traits, seeing them as a weakness. In particular she views most, if not all, elves as lusty, fragile, and overindulgent; reminding her of the human nobles who enslaved her in childhood.

Oga does have a soft side, however, and takes her job in the art of restoration very seriously. She also views her place in the world as a woman mostly dedicated to being useful to a mate. From cooking, to cleaning, to child rearing, to making a living she believes women should be self-sufficient so the menfolk can dedicate their time to being the best warriors they can.
Zerthis Waterwalker

Zerthis was born in Outland and came into Azeroth as a infant. He was captured with his family and imprisoned in a human internment camp. Zerthis' mother died in the camp when he became ill. It was also at this time, it was recognized that he had a tie to the spirits of the elements. The story can be read Here.

Zerthis' father showed no affection for the boy. He didn't want the boy to grow up weak. Zerthis' father wanted to turn him into the greatest warrior that the Horde ever saw. He wanted the boy to succeed where he had failed.

Zerthis was pushed to extremes by his father, even at a very young age. Constant training with weapons. Punishment for anything that was not perfection. Every day Zerthis had to go into the village and pick a fight with a boy his father would select. Usually much older and larger than Zerthis. If he did not win the fight, he would not eat for the day. Losing was not a option.

Zerthis finally learned about friendship and compassion from his master who taught him the art of Shamanism.

Zerthis tends to be very gruff and not very talkative. He is loyal and filters all situations through his scene of honor. He realizes that is his gruff nature is a shortcoming and is making efforts to be more "social".

Recently, Zerthis has learned the art of restoration to compliment his enhancement skills. Healing is a challenge for him because of his warlike nature. He realizes it is something he needs to do to make himself a better shaman. Not all battles are fought with weapons.
Stalkinghoof, 85th level Tauren Hunter
Krinar Cloudcleaver, 85th level Tauren Warrior
Zerthis Waterwalker, 85th level Orc Shaman

Recently, he has been having prophetic visions bestowed upon him by a mysterious divine being from the Emerald Dream that calls himself “The Verdant Lord.” These visions have given him insights into the inner workings of the world that have greatly increased his awareness and power, but have also caused him to become strangely ill.

These visions are evidence of a long standing belief by the elders in his tribe that Dentik was born with a special purpose, bestowed upon him by the Earthmother. The elders believe that he will play a special role in the deliverance of Azeroth from these dark times.

He has withdrawn somewhat from his adventuring to focus on writing about what he has learned from the visions. Right now he is working on an illuminated manuscript describing the things he witnessed, and what they mean to the destiny of Azeroth’s people. He also has begun correspondence with spiritual and political leaders of both the Horde and Alliance in an effort to advise them of what is to come, and offer them the wisdom of what he calls “The Emerald Light.”

Much of his writing deals with saving the world from moral decay and the political instability of the last of the last three great wars. He speaks of a malevolent being he calls Truhaje’keo, or “Spines of Forever Night” who is behind it all, and warns that his coming will herald the end of all existence, completely wiping out the planet’s lifeforce.

But he also has withdrawn from adventuring because of his consequential illness. He has been experiencing coughing fits, fainting spells, nausea, and tends to tire easily when adventuring. He often becomes frustrated with his lack of stamina, but has learned to lessen his symptoms through his powers of healing.
Lhuurssa, Bhaatuur and Kraala are sisters from the small Bloodmoon Clan. Lhuurssa and Bhaatuur are very close in age, often joking about being twins. Due to their closeness in many things (age, temperament, chosen talents - one hunter the other a warrior - and a strong emotional bond), the third sister, Kraala, often felt as if she was less than them. Her calling as a warlock didn't help in that regard, though the older sisters didn't tease her or give her any more grief than is normal in an Orcish household. Kraala was easy prey for the call of the Lich King, and she went North seeking to claim the power he promised. She returned a Death Knight, and while as prideful as most Orcs, she is still humbled, and seeks the downfall of the Lich King like many of her fellow freed Death Knights.

Silat Deathrime has been a contact for the Bloodmoon clan for many years. He tends to be grumpy and offers few words, preferring to grunt, snort or offer up some simply sound as his means of communication. Though dour, he is loyal to those he feels has earned it.

Cephelange du'Krevviq has always been a Sin'dorei, but he wore the magical guise of a human for many years o make observations about the Alliance and its peoples. While technically a spy, he was not charged with passing on information related to anything for war; rather, he was asked to observe and report on the overall attitude and emotions of the Alliance peoples. He initially expected to remain on assignment for a relatively short time; instead, he was kept there for years, so long that he's subsumed the part of himself that recognizes and responds to his given Sin'dorei name. Having seen the respect the Tribe had earned in both the Horde and Alliance camps, he sought membership with them. His rogue aid, Kyllyan, came with him.

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