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Recast Chances
((This one follows up with unwanted Meeting and its view point is from many people but mostly the Succubus of Raxxar and it holds more history of Raxxar.))

Recast Chances

She moved quickly and as quietly over the blasted ruined terrain getting closer to her goal. She paused and hid in the lee of a stone when a massive Felguard stomped by, she waited till the Felguard moved on before moving. She soon stood at the mighty stone archway of the Dark Portal the chaotic energies swirled and eddied all about her shifting the robe and hooded cloak she wore with there passing. She climbed the steps of the Archway but moved off to the side of the arch and hopped down of the platform to the hardened earth near the base of it. She tried to lean down but she stopped and carefully unshouldered the burden she hand hidden under the cloak.

The Sword was a simple curved blade about four feet in length and seemed to hold no danger save for the careful way she held it with a wrap of enchanted leather which enwrapped the blade near the hilt. She laid the sword down upon the ground and started to look at the various bits of hand-sized rocks nearby. A beetle that was started from its hiding place when she moved its rock roof, the beetle scurried about looking for a new shady spot and then made for the sword and the shade it offered under the blade. When the beetle came within an inch of the blade its stopped moving and just lied still.

She soon found the type of rock she needed and started to use the flat and pointed rock to start digging a long hole near the base of the dark portal. After about twenty minutes she had finished digging the hole and her hands showed the labor it took to win it from this hard dried earth and rock. She discarded the rock and carefully picked up the blade by the enchanted leather wrap, she leaned forward to drop the sword into the hole when she froze as she saw something on the ground before her. She whirled to face whatever was making the shadow at her feet and the massive bulk of a Demonic Felhound gazed down at her its two magic sucking tentacles poised coiled ready to strike. She held the sword before her like a shield and cringed waiting for the Hound to strike her down.

The hound’s Tentacles snapped forward and latched onto the pommel and naked steel of the sword as the felt the magic this sword contained and started to drain the magic from it. The Hounds mouth gaped and its tongue rolled about within as if it tasted something sweet. But then the hound froze and its mouth snapped shut and it gave a mild whine of terror and pain. For the sword now blazed with a purple aura and the blade now drank away the Felhound’s Magic and life energies. The hound stood immobile as the swords power drained it. The hound skin blackened and cracked and became brittle the tentacles holding the sword broke and dangled from the sword for a second before falling to the ground and breaking into a pile of ash. With a great whumpfh sound the hound fell in upon itself and became a mound of ashes.

She took a moment to control herself again and then placed the sword into the hole and then filled the dirt back into the hole hiding the sword from the world. She patted the dirt down and spent some time removing all trace that something had been buried there before sneaking away.

On a hill overlooking the Dark Portal she paused and looked down at where the sword she hoped would remain hidden forever.

“I hope the light will accept that as part my price for freedom.â€
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
“No questions will be needed we will see what you have done thru your memories and from theses you shall be judged.â€
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
The Dreadlord face took on a look of surprise only to be matched with Arl’ka own look of shocked surprise.

Rexxar decayed face showed glee at the look both Lord Beliarus and Arl’ka were giving him. “Or at least only a part of it.â€
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
Thru the pain she feels the hand of the kindly priest touch her shoulder, and from his touch something like cold fire spreads across her skin.

The priests of the cathedral who had come towards Arl’ka to help her now all jumped back as white flames seemed to erupt out from under her robe and cloak. The flames burned away the tattered robe and cloak and reveal her body wreathed in the white flames that covered every inch of her skin, She jerked and thrashed about on the ground in agony. The priests advanced again and looked with trepidation down at her body as they formed a circle about her all wondering what to do.

Arl’ka roll upon her stomach and her wings covered with white fire spread over her body mantling her briefly before the fires covering them died away leaving nothing more then what looked like hardened ash shaped like a pair of wings across her back.

Her body stopped moving and she soon just lay there, as the flames seemed to consume her leaving only a blackened husk of a body behind.

The priest who had tried to help before now gingerly stepped towards the blacked body and felt at the neck for any signs of life. Where he touched the burnt skin it fell away into a fine powder of ash, exposing skin that was raw and oozed blood and fluids but intact and alive.

“Quickly take her to the halls of healing!â€
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
Along the Docks of Booty Bay a pair of figures walked instep towards the Inn.

“Why are you even talking to him Darthan?â€
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
Raxxar awakened to the rocking of his world and a steady splashing rhythm of sound. He opened his glowing eyes and beheld the blue of the sky decorated with white tufts of clouds. He then tried to move but something restricted his arms and legs and gave out a clinking sound of tempered metal. Raxxar lifted his arms as high as he could into his field of vision. Wrapped around each wrist was a metal Shackle with a chain between them and a chain going off each wrist towards his waist where they seemed to be attached to something that gave resistance when he tugged at them.

“I see your aware again Raxxar.â€
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons
So that's how Raxxar ended up in the bottom of Booty Bay for a month, but on to more important things. That was an interesting story, and the only flaws that really bother, or that I really notice, are grammatical, but I know from experience that grammar tends to decay over a long sitting of writing, especially if you stay up to do so.

I know you probably have Darthan as an Alliance character, but do you have Alisha, Beatric or Kiltiara characters too, or are they just for character lore purposes?

Alisha and Beatraic are Charaters I have Kiltaria was a Friend who has since stopped playing but I talked with them when Writing the story and she loved the background for her Charater I created.

I Also have a little Gnome Rogue named Quinllon as well but he's only 48 level

I do have a troll Shaman Zartaik but he's only level 22...

As soon as my brother transfers his toons off this account to his own I will get more Horde side toons going
Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons

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