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Realm issues.
Is anyone else becoming extremely annoyed with the realm status after patch 1.10 was added? I haven't been able to sign in for 3 hours now, and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problems. <grumble>
At this point, i've accepted the fact that blizzard time does not equal real time. This is to be expected on patch days, and has occurred since the first patches were released. Take any time they give you and add at least 2-3 hours.

Almost noon here, and their 'updated' time is still an hour away. I probably won't even bother trying to log on for another two hours. <shrugs>
Well as far as I know it wasn't supposed to be up until 11am as normal. Right now it is one hour past then. I expect any actual content patch to be late, so nothing surprising. You may have been starting to log in too soon, Carthan. Unless they originally said earlier than 11am and I missed it.
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(( They came back and said 1pm PST after 11 came and left. ))
must..respec...galven...can't..take it..anymore....
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Well 20 minutes after they said it was going to be done, it isn't. Humbug. I want to respec so badly!!
I'm scrolling a site! Check out mah new linky!!!
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Well, here you go:

Update: We're in the process of bringing up all realms (except those listed below).We will be bringing each realm up individually and anticipate the entire process will take approximately two hours. Please wait a few moments between each login attempt.

so yeah. might be another two hours for you there carthan. but maybe we'll get lucky!

or not, if they go alphabetically :twisted:
Oh, well, I guess this is why I bought Oblivion. And if that ever gets boring, I always have YTMNDs to keep me occupied. <sigh> I was hoping to level today too.
And here I was going to go out and get Oblivion today too. =P Decided not to, and wish I had.

It's 2:02pm right now and the realms still aren't showing up. General forums are worthless too since it takes forever just to load up a thread.
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Rawr, can't login nor get onto Blizzard's site...
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<---- ancy priest ready to shoot someone.

Gimme my server, fiends!!
I have a feeling that the servers wont be up before my meds knock me out again.
aaaaand the new message is that they've run into some issues with bringing the realms back up.

they don't currently have an ETA.

looks like no playing for me before work!

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