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Ready-- West Coast Moot aGoGo!
Hokay So!!!
When: September 27 (thurs) to Oct 1st (mon) (four nights) Oct 4 - 8
Where: Shasta Lake, CA. (Northern CA)
What: Enjoying eachother's company for a few nights up Shasta Lake.

We've come up with a bit of a plan for what would work for this trip, and here we go.

As it seems, there would be a lot more interest in having a more "land based" bit of festivities, so we've eyed campgrounds, resorts and motels.
On the lake, there are quite a few campgrounds, which have many camp sites, which we could reserve a few adjacent ones together. US Forest Service List of Developed Camp Grounds
We also found Yurts!Which might be a little more appealing to those who don't necessarily want to be in a tent, but who don't need the comforts of a hotel. These are essentially large, semi-perminant tents that have doors and are weather tight. I'll make sure about which campgrounds would have these and plan -exact- location accordingly. Splitting the cost of campsites/yurts would make this a very affordable option for most everyone (camp sites for 8-12 people being $15-30/night depending on if it's a single or double site.. yerts look to be $45/night and have room to sleep about five). If one or a few people would prefer to stay at a motel, a list of motels on the lodge can be found at http://www.shastalake.com/motels/index.html, with some more being a bit further in Redding, which is about a twenty or thirty minute drive from the Lake.

It was suggested that people that were to come bring board games, musical instruments, things they like to do outside, good walking shoes, swim suits and watertoys, remote control chickens(ahem), etc to keep things interesting

Also, Sound, Krell and Myself will be hosting a dinner of sorts, but we'd thrown out the possibility of a pool for group meals, over everyone fending for themselves or going out to eat all the time. Again, an idea -- you could fend for yourself if you so desired. This could all be discussed in the thread. I'll be ninjaing a lot of camping cooking/camping supplies (camp stove, percolator coffee pot, stuffs like that) from my parents next time I see them, so I'd be able to supply some of the stuffs like that (mind you, if you have some other camping stuffs, feel free to bring it along!

As far as getting to Shasta Lake is concerned, the closest Int'l/large metropolitan airport is Sacramento International (SMF) which is generally affordable to fly into, with regular flights from all over the US. Rental cars are available from the airport. also, I'm sure attendees who are flying in could arrange to be picked up by someone in the area, or driving up to the lake -- something.. I'd just prefer not to be driving, or have people driving to the airport all the time over the weekend *snirks* It shouldn't be too hard to arrange. Interstate 5 (I-5) passes right over the lake, so it's -very- easy to get to by car.

As a side note: we decided against a houseboat for a number of reasons, mainly up-front cost.. as it was about a 1500-1900 rental fee for 3-4 nights, as well as a deposit of 750-800 all due up front, a little steep for a lot of us as a flat out-up front cost, regardless if it were paid back. Also, motion sickness can ruin a trip, it seemed that there were a number of people that are prone to this, so. yar.

We'd like to know who will be coming and what type of accommodations they'd like to try for so we can arrange reservations at campgrounds and/or yurts, by say, mid August.. 21st ish?
Let us know here, and for how long you'd be able to come! Also -- an idea of where from and how you'll be arriving (driving/flying) to make arranging travel a smidge easier.

Also, as Ironsong is much of a family, families are welcome and encouraged to come Big Grin

Any specific questions or anything feel free to send a PM to myself, Krell or Sound, or holler in game.

Note: Yerts are unavailable, see post by me later.

as another side note Camping is In-tents!
List of Attendees!
Vanea (tent)
Krell (yurt/motel)
Sound (tend/yurt)
Efluvious (yurt)
Tetsumis (tent)
Naruth (most likely tent)
I'll be there.
Coming from Central, CA (Stockton) Driving.
Tenting it. Pitchin' in money for a pool-o-grub is fine with me!
Thursday - Monday!

I will be bringing some camping cook equipment, an extra air mattress, and an extra tent most likely for someone who might need it.
< is totally freakin' coming >

I'll be driving down from Bellingham, Wa (and possibly ninja'ing a carpool with Krell once I hit Portland :biggrinSmile. I'll hopefully be there the entire time. I'ma little undecided on the personal tent vs needing a spot in a Yurt atm, but I'll have a more solid idea come the time we need to make reservations.

I've no qualms against pitching in a bit of cash for a grocery, feed the masses fund** either.

And I'm so going to pwn all of you at Cribbage. This is all.

Great initiative, West Coast Ironsong represents!

Were it not for the perenial shortage of the precious commodities of Time and Money, I'd be there. Since I cannot attend, you will have to get pwned at cribbage for me.

Your warlord demands photos!!

Edit: Yurts are awesome. If you can get one, try it out, you'll feel like a Mongolian raider or something. Sleep on a pile of skins and drink fermented mare's milk to get the authentic experience.
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
I'll be bringing my scary-brilliant-white self as well. I should be coming from Utah (around Salt Lake City) and will probably be coming with Anathamon and Mizar, if they can make it. I'll add more to this later if needs be. I forgot what else I needed to put in here.

<edit>I'll be Yurting. owowow. It yurts!

p.s. I'm a dork.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
Sound Wrote:And I'm so going to pwn all of you at Cribbage. This is all.
Awww. Cribbage! I wish I could come and totally whip you at it.
You scheduled it on the weekend I cannot attend as the real Thanksgiving happens that weekend in Canada. Hope you have fun =/.
[Image: Eatmore.png]
As much as I'd love to come, I'm afraid it looks like I have company that weekend. I'll see what I can do!
Doom on you both!
*eyes them*
Are those dates set and unchangable at this point?
Eatmore Wrote:You scheduled it on the weekend I cannot attend as the real Thanksgiving happens that weekend in Canada. Hope you have fun =/.

Ya know.. my mother may possibly kill me if I miss Thanksgiving with her and the family that weekend. Same for just about any of our other fellow Canadians in IST.. I can't believe I didn't think of that. <bonksherself> Eatmore, I think you just started the beginning of a date change.

I know no date is going to be perfect for everyone, however one that doesn't fall on a major Canadian holiday is probably a good thing. :">
We're noobs! DATE CHANGE. already.
I've recieved word from a few Canadians that would otherwise be able to attend, including one of the planners of the event.

It has been changed to the weekend prior.
September 27th to October 1st

Naruth Wrote:Are those dates set and unchangable at this point?
yes, done.
But that weekend is Independence Day in Botswana, and we can't miss that.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
Êtes-vous canadien, Sound?
Wait.. There's to be Camping involved? No one mentioned this before!
Coming from Northern, CA. Driving.
Whatever food wise is fine with me. Should have a Tent somewhere around here..
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.

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