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Raxxar is My Name...or it is Now...Once before a magical Accident it was Rexxar.

I humbly submit myself as a master of the Fel magics and Lord of Demons. Otherwise simply called a Warlock. My Magics once could make most demons kneel to me but a series of magical setbacks had stripped me of much of my powers and skills and I have been slowly gaining them back..

As for Introductions I was Once Human and a member of the Mages of the Kirn Tor. Sadly a few poor choices upon my part ended with me being a willing at the time member of the Undead Scourge. I served the Lich King at first Willingly for the power he granted me but after returning to my home and dying upon the point of my Fathers own sword as he ran it thru me I became a member of the undead. My failures made me a mindless Zombie for a time before I awoke again with my will my own and have since then worked alongside my forsaken bretheren.

I find that my bony hands once useless with flesh upon them for fine needlework now find the magic of thread and cloth very satisfying. And my skills with a knife still shine as few creatures will leave my path without giving up their skins under my blades care.

I was once a member of the Guild Vigilant but they have seemed to reached an end and hath divided much like leaves upon a windy day.

Much of what I have heard of the Ironsong tribe is by word of mouth and second hand but I have heard nothing but good tales and words of the Tribe. This has drawn me to place my weary bones at you feet as I seek a place where my skills and powers could be put to use...

Hmm... My greatest Trial....That would be my never to be cursed enough Younger Half-Brother Darthan.. a most Pious and annoying Paladin of the silver hand...and Alisha my so called Cuz. A charming Girl but very powerful mage and not one to have a sense of humor or fair play. The pair of them Tied me and my Succubi servent with anchor chain and dropped me into Booty Bay... It took me a month to get free, I hate water but can deal with it but those BLOODY CRABS WILL DIE!!!!!

Most of my goals are simple reaquire my powers and skills back to what they once were and then make my Half-Brother suffer humiliation and scorn.

What in this great land of ours do I enjoy most....why the people of course....they are of infinite delight and variance. And interactions are always entertaining. But such things are best dealt with rules and codes of conduct. I have studied the rules as posted and I would find little problem in following them as they are most agreeable in content.

I await your reply

Undead Tailor/Skinner of Flesh/and Tamer of Demons

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