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Rakkas Application
1. Simple enough, the name is Rakkas. Member of the Royal Apothecary Society in service to the Dark Queen and the rest of the Horde, as per our Warchief sees fit. I serve in the department of Research

2. I am a practioneer of the Demonic Arts. I have found it to be of...Great service in terms of research and development. Magic often amplifies the power of diseases and poisons, and as such, I have found demonic energies to be quite sufficient for my...studies! I also, of course, do my work for the lady in terms of potions and devices. It is all about creation... And I am a master at creation. Well, when the need calls for it, yes?

3. My history is a long one...Very long. What does history matter, anyway? Importance is in the future. In what is created...Developed. And that is what I do. But, if some semblence of history is required, then I suppose that shall be done! My first life does not matter. First lives never matter. All that matters is how one is in the cold embrace of death. Life. Life! Life decays. Flesh rots and maggots feast on the dead. I? I will not die. Not again! Death was a freedom from mortality to me. There was no mourning...The past was gone. It is something I hardly remember! I took to work soon...With the Apothecary Society. Under Sylvanas. Under the three leaders of the Society. It is known now...After certain events...What our purpose has been. To share our gift...With all. To spread our powers. But others believe we sought a cure. A cure to our "Condition". Very funny...Truely humerous that one would believe that it could be cured, or even that we would want this!

And research went well. We had our toys, captured prisoners and the like. And we played...We played and poked and prodded and we watched the results.

But all this is done...So sad. All the fun ended when our grand scheme failed. When the bombs of our sweat, and blood, and tears went off. And Varimithras and Puttress were killed. And Sylvanas...Our Dark Lady...Made to beg for forgiveness.

Forgiveness.... Such a powerful word.

The Forsaken were made fools of by the rest of the Horde. The Apothecary Society is now chained to the Kor'kron like dogs, our research limited. Our toys disposed of, our methods reduced to mockeries of what we once had! But, that is all in the past. Now is the future. We develop what we can and work in what we can. When the Humans and the rest of the Horde wiped through the Undercity, murdering countless Apothecaries... Past. All in the past. And the past does not matter, no? No. No it does not! We take what work we can get...

4. My work. I work in Alchemy and the gathering of ingredients. Two simple tasks needed for my work.

5. I have simply been a part of the Horde and of the Apothecary. There are no specific organizations I have joined beyond that.

6. My interest comes from finding a break from the tireless days spent in the Undercity. It comes from seeking to be able to speak to another creature without having the looming eyes of the Kok'kron guard over me. I believe this Tribe can grant me that... And I would much enjoy the break I am looking for. As well, I seek to find new assistants for my latest research! My latest experiments. I am sure I can find some people willing to join me in...exciting new ventures! I have heard great things from this tribe of the Horde. And perhaps I can find a home in here as well as I work!
7. The greatest trial I have faced... I believe I went into a great amount of detail earlier. It has been the transition. The transition coming from the deaths of Varimithras and Puttress. Varimithras, like him or hate him as many do...Was a large supporter of the Society. He was a large part of the Undercity. And much has...changed in his absence. We still work. Faranell still leads the development we do. However...However...Something is missing. No longer are our beautiful creations roaming the halls, keeping us safe from harm...No. No longer do we get to continue our experiments and developments into the...perfection of the next great rebirth. Now we work for the Kok'kron. Our hands our bound behind our backs...Figuratively...Of course. There is no escaping the consequences of...That day.

When it occurred, I was stationed in Northrend. At New Agamand. I worked with Chief Plaguebringer Harris and other members of both the Research And Development department and deployment. When news of the Wrathgate arrived...I can not say. I will speak no more on the subject.

8. My goals are the continuation and development of the Forsaken cause... Simply enough, it is my desire to see a return to power for the Royal Apothecary Society and the Dark Lady as a whole. We currently are under the boot of the Horde...That will need to change.

9. I enjoy discovering new creatures...And then seeing just how they tick...And what makes them stop ticking. I enjoy my testing, and experimenting. While I know the plague bringers have the fun of the large scale tests...At least when they -had- fun...I enjoy simple tests. Little tests. I laugh when hearing stories of the undeveloped plague giving dragons belly aches! It is always a pleasure to see what a new concoction can do. At least,..I mean... It was. Not that I do that anymore....

10. But, of course. I would not think of any other option.

((Hey, all. If you notice by the account name...I have been around quite awhile. Since the days of Vanilla, actually. The name is Skalus, some of you remember me, some of you don't. Anyway, I was talking to Lucinther the other day, and it really made me miss Ironsong Tribe and the RP in WoW. So, I decided I would get involved on this character. Rakkas. He is level 80, warlock, geared up for raids. He is a joy to play, and I imagine will be -very- fun to RP. I intend to visit a moot as soon as I can, so far Thursdays have been bad for me with work, but I will hopefully get a day off soon. Just wanted to say hi and throw up my App. Hope to see you all around!))
Bloodsail, and proud.
<smirks> Went to a tournament with this one once... he did alright. We could use another warlock around... who isn't an elf.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
Tch, Lucinther, you're starting to sound a little like Dergash, and isn't that a terrifying thought?

Regardless, I wouldn't mind comparing notes with another...colleague, as it were. *smirks*

((Ooh, Rakkas seems like he would be a really interesting addition to the guild hall! *grins* Look forward to meeting you in-game.))
[Image: 2627648EgUWn.png]

[Image: 2627663SOPQY.png]

Dislikes orc leadership, revels in demonic arts and death alchemy, has memory issues, and wants to be in the tribe...

*world weary sigh*

Lucinther - if this one joins, I thnk your brand of tribal loyalty training might be in order... it might be necessary if horde politics continues down the same unfortunate path.

*the orc hunter plods away, followed by a pink, feathered blur*

((Sounds good! I hope for some great RP with you!))
Rakkas invited 16 Sep 2010.... let the peon hardships begin.
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