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Raiding update
Hello, Tribe!

We are taking a two-week break from raiding over the holidays.  Our raids will resume as usual on Tuesday, January 5, at 7:30.

During the break, if you are playing WoW, consider earning Valor to upgrade more pieces!  Running LFR, a daily heroic, weekly mythic, and the weekend bonus events are good ways to earn Valor.

Also, with Dentik taking a break from the game, our bank is starting to run a bit low on potions, flasks and feasts.  Depositing herbs in the bank is very helpful, and if you are an alchemist, whipping up some potions and flasks for the raid is much appreciated!

For feasts, Savage Feasts are made in a Level 3 barn from either boar or riverbeast meat.  It's the same as trapping clefthoof for leather -- get the boar or riverbeast to 50% health and trap it, then use the "meaty caged beast" to start a work order for meat at the barn.  This will produce a Savage Feast.

The boars right outside your garrison are very convenient for this.  They wander around in groups that contain 2-3 adult boars which can be trapped.  The main issue is not killing them too fast.  I find that if I equip a fishing pole, and don't whack the boar over the head too much with it, I can damage each one slowly enough to trap it before turning to the next one.

I've got my barn cranking Savage Feasts out now, but if you are inclined to hunt some boar, the bank could always use more feasts!

Also, if you don't have one yet, think about getting the Empowered Augment Rune, which is a permanent, reusable version of the one-off Augment runes.  It's a nice buff, and because it's re-usable and has no cooldown, you can have it on permanently.  It requires exalted with Vol'jin's Headhunters.

Have a wonderful break, everyone!  Oryx and I will be around until the 26th, then we will be gone on vacation for a week.  We'll be back on January 2nd.

Happy Winter Veil!

I will get Shaedrith working on some flasks asap!

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