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Raiding and Expansions...
I am assuming that as we did with the Burning Crusade, there will be a hold on all raiding as we adjust to the new content, and changes to talents and abilities/spells, and the huge changes they did to...well pretty much everything?

If this is the case (and assuming blizzard releases on time). Do the Raid leaders have a potential date that they would like to cease? And from what happened last time, gear in the new zones appeard to be better than the raiding items. Will the BC raids continue or will they be stopped altogther? (Guessing Karazhan excluded due to the insane number of badges that come from that place)

Comments? Suggestions?
There will be no hold on raiding once the expansion comes out. Our raiding will continue and in many cases be enhanced once we get into the expansion.

More details to follow.
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As I understand, Badges of Justice will not be used to purchase WotLK rewards, as there will be new "badges" for that. So, if it was your hope to continue running Karazhan for the sole purpose of stockpiling badges to use for WotLK gear, you may want to rethink it. However, if you just wanted to run Kara with a group of guildies to have some fun and help out then I think that's still in order.

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As far as the rumors I've heard about gear, it seems that T6 geared players can look forward to replacing gear items at around level 76 or so, and players who havent seen much of Mount Hykal or Black Temple perhaps a level or two earlier?

Ultimately, I'm looking forward to this expansion. My major problem is.....who do I level first?
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Ah, wasnt sure about BC badges...well it appears that Karazhan potentially might just be a small bump in the road to Northrend...
I will tell you informally to expect a more formal announcement of Officer plans inthe next week or two.

We have discussed these questions at length and generally the plan right now is to continue Friday Raids to whatever instance the group is best geared for. We hope to continue this for Guild cohesiveness.

As we stated in the new Guild Raiding Philosophy...we hope that those players who power level will try to have some patience and we hope that the members who are slower to level will step up a bit to keep themselves in the game.

My feelings on this are varied and I know this guild will not be "requiring" members to do anything. Things will stay on a friendly basis so if you want to raid elsewhere then you are free to do so. I will only add that if enough players take off to join other guild raids it does leave the majority of members in the dust so to speak. For example...if the Raiders football team is heading for the playoffs, and then suddenly half of the starting lineup goes to play for other teams...chances are the remaining players will not do well. I'm just going to suggest before the expansion that we consider ourselves to be one team and lets do our best to work together for the enjoyment of all members. After all, this is your guild...and we love to raid with YOU.

More on this in the coming days...

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Raiders in the playoffs... I LOL'ed.

This is not an official "officer" post, but just some of the things on the table to get your feedback and comments.

1. As soon as the expansion comes out, our regularly scheduled raids will be replaced by nights of organized IST 5-mans for instances. Hopefully, we can keep Friday nights for guild progression through 5-man content, possibly another night as well.

2. As soon as we have the bodies, start 10-man raids with the goal of eventually fielding 25-mans.

3. Hopefully, continue our alliances with other guilds and build new ones to help raiding.

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I should clarify that I was speaking in regards to the Burning Crusade raids that we are currently running. Content instances/raids of course will ultimately be targeted as we level throughout Northrend accordingly I am sure.
Aye, I will post something more formally for our WotLK plans next week.
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