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Raiding: From here to Outland
I wanted to give a sort of "state of Ironsong raiding" post now that we know a good bit about the expansion and that it's not coming earlier than January.

9-12 weeks: that's what we have left for the current instances we do. We also know that due to the loot upgrades, we are raiding for the fun of it, and for the sheer challenge of it.

The current raids run by the tribe:

ZG: We do well in here, and it's a fun thing to do monday nights. We will continue to go because Ifeel it is great training for the smaller raids we will face in the burning crusade.

AQ20: I have yet to go, and it was important that the raid succeed without me. In short, it has succeeded. I will be trying to go whenever time permits, and I encourage others to as well. This is an instance that Ironsong has yet to conquer, and it's one that we can with enough people. See Tetsumis for details... the raid does not lack in skill or success at the moment, only in numbers. I would really like to see Ossirian dead before the expansion.

Molten Core: We have no plans to change Molten Core from now until the expansion. We will continue to push through and get 2 dozen epics a week and improve the gear of the Tribe in support of the other things we do, and to make starting out in TBC easier.

Blackwing Lair: This is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. It's intimidating, it's brutal, and we have a limited amount of time to behead a certain dragon. We can do this, and it's another case of just needing the people. 2 weeks ago we proved we can get past Razorgore and, I kid you not, he will have the longest learning curve of any encounter in there. I will not pretend the others will be easy, but I feel that we can have Nefarion dead by January with a good bit of effort.

BWL has been a bit demoralizing, as we knew it would be. I feel that between that and the burning crusade beta, it is hurting our attendance. But this is a hurdle we can overcome, as we have all those before it.

In closing, I make this post because I want everyone to realize that this is our last chance to overcome some of these obstacles as they were intended. We have done every instance that way thus far, killing Onyxia and Hakkar before ever setting foot in Molten Core. I want to be able to say the same about Nefarion and Ossirian when it comes to level.

Make this happen.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
There had better be Onyxia after BC! Anathamon needs his own copy of one of the coolest helms in the game :p
I'm sure we'll run in and 5-man her when we are drunk and/or bored. ; )

Seriously, though, Onyxia is pretty solid for us and gives several good items in a relatively short amount of time spent. I think we'll want to keep fighting her for a while yet.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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