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Raiding AQ40, BWL, Naxxaramas......maybe?
Looking at our progression, I am wondering when we are going to start raiding AQ40, BWL, and Naxxaramas. It would see raiding these would make our trips to the Core much easier.


In all seriousness, I want to take the time and say THANK YOU to our guild leaders for running the instances they do. Being an officer and helping to run raids is not an easy job and the commitment it takes is very time consuming.

When we post in the Forums asking when this raid or that raid is going to be done, step back and look at the prep work which goes into running a raid. The raid leader(s) have to read strategy, coordinate times, make sure the right classes are there, deal with loot issues, and, oh....try to enjoy the raid for themselves.

Please take the time to thank your raid leaders when the raid is over. I'm sure the slightest gesture our our parts is appreciated by them.
Thanks, Kernasas. It is good to hear that our hard work is appreciated.
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Hey Kern bro, im all about raiding the even higher lv instances also!. yeah elders get to it... MC on wed, Bwl on thursday, AQ on friday, Naxx on Saturday, and Ony for fun on sunday!! WOOHOO lets doing it!
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