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Raid reports for sat. 6-16
Gruul's lair

Hrhm. When we're all switching out for different fights, ect., I'm not sure how accurate these things truly end up being. I guess it serves it's purpose a lot more than just numbers wise however.

And I'm so confused as to how you managed to sneak into the member area, but good job. :p
Sound Wrote:And I'm so confused as to how you managed to sneak into the member area, but good job. :p
Look at his rank! He's one of our OoG Raiding Cohorts! Wink
Where's Tet?
What is the best thing in life?
Crush enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
Tetsumis Wrote:Where's Tet?
I don't know, but I did notice that only one person was present for the entire raid.

My theory is that it probably has to do with being within effective (healing) range.
Like most damage meters its only accurate to a degree, from what I understand the data that it takes is based off what Gioron can pick up in his combat logs.
Er, wow, that's interesting... It obviously can't be accurate like Damo said, since I can't really see myself being 2nd in damage with the gear I have, not compaired to the other hunters at the very least. Must be because I was standing more in the middle of the room while they were off to one side.
Yah, this is the first case where I'm completely missing people from the logs. The main issue is that all I have is my combatlog, so it can't see things that are out of range of my log. This is a decent distance out (I'd guess 50 yards), but its obviously not from one side of the cave to the other. I don't recommend getting too concerned with overall charts even when they are accurate, since they seem to fluctuate a lot from one fight to the next. They can be useful for pointing out glaring problems (like the rogue that gets outdamaged by a prot warrior, and yes, that log was accurate), but this report is mainly interesting for the more detailed info further down, like the breakdown of where the damage is coming from, or what killed certain people. As an example, I've used it on the Curator fight to figure out if its worth putting arcane resist gear on the main tank (its not), or to check and see how much arcane resist was helping, or how bad the hateful bolts were. Also useful for those "what killed our tank?" moments, since you can click on the time when someone died from the char view page and be taken directly to the log at that point.

This tool also has automated tools to merge combat logs, but I'm not sure how many people care enough to bother. 2 melee and 2 ranged would probably be enough to get fairly accurate stats, depending on how people were spread out. I posted some instructions about how to generate these reports in this thread.

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