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Raid Friday Oct. 3 700p Server
As I calculate it, we have 6 weeks to the expansion, and after Wrath comes out, this raid will cease to be a regular thing. For the next couple of weeks, and perhaps until the expansion, I would like us to switch our focus to Tempest Keep. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that it is pretty new content for us as a whole. Second is that for RP reasons, an attempt at Kael make some sense for the tribe. Third, is that I think while more difficult, that Kael is a funner fight than Vashj. Mabye Dipsaya could fill us in on RP. Therefore, we will try Alar and Void Reaver this week, moving toward a possible attempt on Kael before Wrath. This is the plan, but I am playing it by ear.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I will be there tomorrow night with cowbells and underwear on...
Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it tomorrow due to a parents' event at Luna's preschool. Oryx will be there, though.

I will try to get there as soon as I can. I may be late once again, however.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Girl Scout Honor says I'll be there
If you don't mind me being about 30 minutes late I'll be there I work tommorow night.
We've got out of town guests this weekend, so Anox and I can't make it. I've posted in the BB forums asking any other healers to be available, if they can, so hopefully this won't be too inconvenient for you, Jaba!
I'll be here if you need foliage.
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
I may or may not be able to make it, depending on how my day goes. Cora will not make it.
Righteous are those who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!

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