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There are currently no members online.

Raid Days/Times
We will track group input for raid times/days here. ....ie - what days and times work best for you.

We have not yet determined what would work best for all - still have two slots to fill!


We will gather for our first attempt on Karazhan at 6pm Server Time, 31 Mar in front of the zone.

Right now we have 9 people - however - Dokcha is raiding with Damo and will join us with Lymoria when through...so not sure of her availability at that time.

We still need one more member - I would prefer it to be a CC class - Hunter or Mage. I would prefer we add from inside the Tribe - but if we have to go outside will do so.

Right now we have:

Daichallar (Prot Warrior - Ironsong)
Umu (Warrior - Ironsong)
Abbru (Arms Warrior - Ironsong)

Jadyn (Shaman - Ironsong)

Terelith (Paladin - Ironsong)

Gholjan (Rogue - Ironsong)

Lymoria (Priest - Ironsong)

Poryphry (Mage - Harsh Winter)
Brasha (Feral Druid - Harsh Winter)

The goal of the initial run will be a meet and greet and start to learn the initial pulls in the zone. If we can successfully make a run at the Attumen and the Maiden - I will be a happy camper - this will be a good first effort.

We will be using Ironsong Vent.

I will be on this evening - please contact me if you have any questions relative to this effort. I will also post in the members section to alert the Tribe of the need for an additional member.


Yeah, if we can just get past those first two, then we'll have made some progress. I do not forsee us making much progress on Moroes beyond figuring out a tactic and wishing it would work, hehe.
If you need any advice don't hesitate to ask. You may be short on healing during Moroes, but your tons of dps has a good chance of making up for it. The Maiden may be a bit tough because you have so much melee dps. So be prepared, and make sure that the HOTs go up before repentance procs. You shouldn't have much trouble on Atunemen though. Just be prepared to pick Attunmen up when he spawns which is when the horse reaches 95%. he also spawns where the horse is. For specific mobs, I'd check Wowwiki, but Valets are single pulls that do 4000-5000 damage per hit on Efluvious just as a heads up.

You can do this! Ironsong triumphant!
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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Don't mess with the trees!

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We going to shoot for another raid this Friday or on Saturday again? Cuz I'm open Friday night.
I'm pretty sure we will be trying for Friday night this week.
Great. Are Brasha, Wuyi, and Bogorm going to be coming again or do we need to start looking for replacements?
Greets all - The Entourage will shoot for Friday, 6 April 07 for the next tun. We will gather at 6pm server time to begin - try to be there a bit earlier if ya can.

I spoke with Bogrom last night from Harsh Winter - he will let Wuyi and Brasha know. If possible - would like to have Zeengo ready to go as well - and certainly add him to the mix if any cannot make it.

So far I have spoken with Dai, Lymoria. Jadyn, and Gholjan - I think Terelith can make it as well - please confirm under this thread. I have not had a chance to speak with Umu this week.

Any questions or concerns - please drop me a whisper in game.

Don't even need to ask me. Wink
Are we heading to Kharazan on Friday (yes, April 13th)... ?
[Image: Dokcha.png]
I'm planning on it....
Sorry for the somewhat last-minute warning, but there is a rising probability that I will not be able to show. The mother in-law is coming into town on Friday and I am not sure if I will be expected to go out shopping with the girls or not. Keep your fingers crossed!
We are indeed plannin a raid for Friday night.....working on adding two more to our numbers..more to follow. We will shoot for 6pm server time for the raid.

Sorry guys, things are looking like I'm going to be stuck elsewhere for the night. Sorry for the last minute notice, things were just very uncertain as to what would be happening until now. Hope you guys have a good night and kick the Maiden's butt! If the paladin boots drop from her, I shall kill you all. :lol: Just kidding I guess. Tongue

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