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Raid Availability & Raid Schedule
I think a similar topic was made long ago, but it was unstickied and possibly also locked due to it being horribly out of date (ie, from back in BC, I believe). Therefore, it's time to create another one, especially with a lot of new folks in the guild.

Please fill out the Raiding Availability Survey! It will help with scheduling future events, or for current raid leaders to see at a glance who might be available in case they're attempting to fill slots.
To check the responses, you can go here. For a summary of all responses, click on the Form menu on the page, then "Show Summary of Responses".

Please feel free to either use the comments section on the survey or post a reply here with any elaboration needed! Furthermore, if you need to update information, simply submit another survey, and as soon as I notice the double-entry, I'll delete the earlier-posted one.


Furthermore, this topic can be used to keep track of the various raid groups run by IST members (or partnered with other guilds) so as to potentially avoid scheduling over other raids (in case members have alts that they'd like to also raid with).

Please either post a reply or send me a PM with information to add. Also include whether it's potentially open for more (and what chances folks have of filling in), or even if it's in the planning stages (so as to try and gauge interest.) If you have a thread going that contains information related to your raid, please also include that information and I will add it in.
Current Raid Calendar Information:
* All times are Pacific Time (Server time)

5:30p - 10-man ICC
Contact: Donalzon
Slot Availability: Very Low
6:00p - 10-man ICC (Luc - Cont.)
Contact: Lucinther
Slot Availability: Healers

6:30p - IST 25-man ICC
Contact: Sbin/Jabadue
Slot Availability: Low

5:30p - 10-man ICC
Contact: Donalzon
Slot Availibility: Very Low
7:00p - 10-man ICC (Luc)
Contact: Lucinther, Gupaljinda
Slot Availability: Healers


6:30p - IST 25-man ICC
Contact: Sbin/Jabadue
Slot Availability: Low

6:00p - IST Dungeon Crawl/Badge Farming
Contact: Lucinther
Slot Availability: High
7:00p - Tentative Ulduar-10 -> ToC-10 (Upcoming)
Contact: Eruadan
Slot Availability: Varied

5:00p - 10-man Ulduar/ToC
Contact: Lucinther, Gupaljinda
Slot Availability: Moderate
Personal rule is to never raid two nights in a row.


Eru'Adan is Commited to Jabadue's 25-Man Icecrown on Tuesday nights, and 10-Man on Friday nights.

Garudo is NOT commited to any current raids, but would only be available during the day on Saturdays at this point in time.

Mokimi is currently being worked on and is not available for raids at this time, unless the raid is desperate for a hunter.


I have 2 Level 80 characters that are geared and Raid ready, 1 that is 80 and am working on gear in Frozen Halls.

Eru'Adan : Level 80 Priest with Healing(Discipline)/DPS(Shadow) Specs Raid Ready for all current Raids

Garudo : Level 80 Warrior with Protection(Cleave)/Protection(Deep Wounds) Specs Raid Ready, up to Trial of the Crusader but not Icecrown Citadel

Mokimi : Level 80 Hunter with Marksman/Survival Specs Working on Gear in Frozen Halls
I think I posted a thread like this when I tried to form a replacement Naxx run when all Ironsong priority turned to Ulduar.

Sadly, a good raid leader I am not. I make an awesome advisor/second-in-command, though. XD
Always nagging to get things done, I am.

But, that's not exactly what this reply is about.

I'm sad to say that my school schedule, after I reworked it a little to ensure I wouldn't be overburdened with it, has left me unable to join ironsong in 25-man ICC on Tuesdays.

This has dropped me below my usual 2-raids-per-week with the most awesome guild in the game. So, I'm going to try and help out with the Ulduar/ToC mauling. Might try to go as someone other than axulia to get them geared up... like my tank or my shaman (Shuza, my enhancement shaman, is currently level 71, and usually pulls at least 1K dps. I think that's pretty good, since I've seen 80's do worse) These three are probably going to wind up my priorities until cata hits.

This will mean that I may be able to help out in both the Saturday and Sunday 10-man raids, as I DO have five level 80 characters, four of which I would consider up to these raids. (Six when Shuza hits in a week or two, and it'll be five viable non-ICC 10-man raiding toons not soon after)

So, feel free to call on me if you need any role.

I'm off to see if there's a proper thread to apply for these raids. XD
I added all *potential* raiding days, but will also not raid every day.

Evening only, and weekends are typically open, but non-WoW life takes priority.
My only flat out not regularly available in Tuesday nights, as I am at a chorus rehearsal (unless I am sick or it is cancelled).

-Phoronid (Hunter, BM/MM). (and hopefully I will very soon have my Ulduar raider Tursiops (tree) geared enough to be available)
I've removed the poll, as it didn't provide much specifics, and made a Raiding Availability survey! Feel free to fill it out at http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?...UHJDelE6MA.

To see a list of responses, check out the spreadsheet here.
For easier viewing of all the responses, click on the Form menu on the page, then "Show Summary of Responses"

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