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Rahvindarke Application
Good day. My name is Rahvindarke. I am but a lowly rogue of the Forsaken. I have yet to make a name or title for myself among my brethern but with time I promise you I will be well know on both side of the battle field.
As a mortal I was named Rahvin and raise as tanner and leatherworker for the people of my small village and the surrounding areas. I was engaged to the beautiful Brilyna and life was good. Then with only a month until I was to be wed, my dearest Brilyna did fall prey to the plague. Stolen from me. Broken hearted and distraut, I did seek revenge upon those that did do this to me.
Unfortunately, I also fell to the plague before doing much more than become a neusance to my enemy. Upon arising as one of the forsaken, I felt that revenge burn within me again. There was also a new feeling , shame at what I had become and the way that I looked. For that reason I learned to sneak around and strike at my enemies from behind.
I have never been associated with any other clans or tribes as my time as one of the Forsaken is still young. I had heard about the Ironsong Tribe from my beloved Brilyna, who I have only recently found again. She has managed to pull me from my dark shell a bit and now I wish to meet and assist the horde with outhers of like mind.
In final, I have read and agree with the Ironsong Tribe's code of conduct.

Thank you for your time.
14th season Rogue of the Forsaken
(( I would also like to say that I have a 60 Orc hunter that will be transfering onto the server in the next few days. He to would enjoy the company of those with in the Ironsong Tribe. Mendaen has experience in some of the high end raiding game, I.E. ZG,MC,BWL, AQ20 and 40. I am just looking to have fun playing and the raiding is just a bonus. ))
Hallo Rahvindarke! If Brilyna like you, I suppose you'll do. This Mendaen you're speaking of though is a whole different story. He and I have been on the hunt together many times. He's a smelly thing that forgets to wash. Even laughs at me at the end of the day when I start seeing to my hooves.

Bah. He isn't too bad of a fellow I suppose. Knows his job and gets it done, and always there to help when asked. I had heard he might be looking for a new home to just relax and enjoy his travels more. He and I were like minded in a lot of things. I guess that's why I put up with his smell and kept adventuring with him.

Tell him to look me up when he makes it here Rahvindarke. I'll get with Brilyna and have her teach him how to clean up at the end of the day, *cackle*

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