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Ragnaros Strategy: Ranged Attackers (Hunters, Mages, Locks)
Ragnaros's Preparation for Ranged Attackers (Hunters, Mages, Warlocks)

The Ragnaros fight combines elements of all the previous nine bosses in the Molten Core. It will test our ability to retain the lessons learned from those fights, and our raid coordination, movements, main tanking, off tanking, healing, banishing, dps, aggro control, crowd control, pulling, assisting, positioning, listening to raid leader commands, voting Akora for MA and knowing where to be and what to be doing. Every participant will have multiple positions and duties, and they must stay alive to execute these duties.

Ragnaros (Rags) is a fight with three distinct stages.

Stage 1: Ragnaros Wars
Stage 2: Sons of Flame Strike Back
Stage 3: Ragnaros Returns
If we do things right we won’t have Stages 4 & 5
Stage 4: Return of the Sons
Stage 5: Revenge of Ragnaros

Read This
Please review the positioning pictures & strategy at the below url: http://pacifistguild.org/ragnaros/
This fight is all about positioning and these pics at this website are mandatory reading.

Fire Resist
Equipment-wise, Fire Resist (FR) is moderately important for us ranged folks.
You should have around an 80-100 FR unbuffed for this fight. But don't gimp your mana or stats pool too much.

Fire Resist Gear Links
- See the Mail Resist List, Cloth Resist List, Misc Resist List for a selection of good fire resist gear. http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/viewtopic.php?t=849

Potions & Stuff
While we won’t be as dependant on potions as other classes, we still need to use some for this fight. Greater Fire Protection Potion (use it 2min before the fight), Elixir of the Mongoose (Hunters), Greater Arcane Elixir (Casters), in addition to the normal healing & mana potions. Us ranged folks will be lowest on the healing list, so use your healing potions, feign death and bandages to help the raid conserve healing mana. Also consider Dark/Demonic Runes, Whipper Roots, to get more Mana when you are low, these are on a different timer than potions.

Everyone should be responsible for his/her own potions or make arrangements with guild mates to provide form them. We will use potions on our serious attempts on Ragnaros.

This fight is all about positioning, its the most important compenent.
Please look at the positioning pictures.

Like the MajorDomo fight, we can position ourselves and ‘practice’ positioning with out pulling aggro from Ragnaros if we are ‘smart’ about it (the fight does not start until we talk to MajorDomo). The leadership will call out the various battle ‘stages’ and we will practice moving to and from the various positions. Every participant must know where to be for each stage of the fight. Improper positioning will lead to deaths or ineffectiveness.

Group Setup
Melee groups and ranged groups is the general idea. Melee groups will get priority on Shamans because they will need FR totems more than ranged. (If we have excess Shamans I’ll try to group all of the hunters together for the Grace of Air totem)
We will have around 3 groups or so of ranged attackers, likely with little healing support. You will definitely take damage from random explosions that need to be healed, but you shouldn't be close enough to the lava to take Lava Splash damage. You will largely be on your own for heals, so bandage and potion up.

Ragnaros’s Abilities
Ragnaros has several abilities that he uses in the fight, sometimes accompanied by yelling. They are as follows:
Wrath of Ragnaros – “Taste the Flames of Sulfuronâ€
Vote Akora for MA!
One quick note on that strat, Akora.

Ranged Damage CAN NOT pull aggro. Ever. So no need to Feign Death or use aggro reducing abilities, just go hard out =)
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It says that in there already.

Twice. Smile

Edit: I read it again. Three times.
The one reference to feigning in the general introduction to the strat if anything is referring to Sons aggro if you get it, otherwise...yep!

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

Its your dream fight, Raganaros, no aggro reprecussions let er' Rip!
Vote Akora for MA!
No aggro! Woooo!

Guide read and understod, ma'am! /salutes
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
Read and understood.
Read, and such. I've done the fight before, so I'm ready >)
Pretty good strategy. read.
read and understood

sadly, work has told me that i'm needed this friday and I can't fight rags with you all =/

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Not sure if I'll ever be able to actually attend this, but read and understood. Wink
I have read and understand.
Not sure if I will make it. No big lose my DPS=stinky Tongue

Hopefully I can come though, been to Rags on Maelstrom but never beaten him before.
Read and understood.
Saltin (mage 375tailor ,375 enchanter)
Lucrenda (Rogue 375miner ,352 smith)
Asaram (Hunter 375skinner 351 leatherworker)
Pahakan (Warrior 350herbs 375alchemy )
Mantiki (Shaman 355miner 363engineer)
Hoti (Warlock 190Miner 350 jeweler)
Have Alt Will Travel
read and reviewed

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