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Ragnaros & Fire Resist Gear
As Shillatae nicely summarized up, Ironsong > MajorDomo Executus.
Everyone should take a moment to congratulate their fellow tribemates and raiders.
Our performance in downing him on our first attempt even surprised me.
But Ragnaros is much, much, much more difficult, and we will defeat him.

While, many may want to give Ragnaros an attempt, I want to give the tribe a couple more weeks to:
1. Gather more Fire Resist Gear
2. Gather more Molten Core gear upgrades

We really do need to be well equipped in Fire Resist Gear, DPS & Healing Gear.
The Ragnaros fight will challenge us further than we have been before in these areas.
We will announce in advance what week we will attempt our first encounter with Ragnaros, like what we did with MajorDomo.

Here is what I’d like for each Molten Core Raider to aim for Fire Resist (FR) gear-wise unbuffed for the Ragnaros fight.
Main Tank – 300 FR
Primary Off Tank – 300 FR
Back Up Off Tank – 250 FR
Grp#1 (non Tanks) – 200 FR
Meleers – 150 to 200 FR
Ranged & Healers – 80 to100 FR

Here is a great post with some nice Fire Resist Gear links in it for all classes.
Please check it out and review your current gear and consider farming for these FR items, and going to Black Rock Depths, getting enchants, Librams, etc.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/viewtopic.php?t=849">http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/viewtopic.php?t=849</a><!-- m -->

Even farming materials for Greater Fire Resist potions (elemental fire, dreamfoil, crystal vial) and Flasks would be prudent.
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Remember that Heart of Fire can be converted to 3 Elemental Fires by an alchemist, too.

(The recipe requires Friendly with Thorium Brotherhood; according to our tradeskill list only Pahakan has picked it up, but I'm qualified and will pick up the recipe on a bar run this week sometime).
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nice to know that Oryx!
Vote Akora for MA!

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