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Ra-den is a two phase fight that is similar to the fight we had with him in the Throne of Thunder.

During Phase One the boss alternates between being Vita Empowered and Void Empowered, and we'll need to handle different sets of mechanics based on the empowerment he has.  Phase Two is a race to the finish.

Tank mechanic:  Nullifying Strike

Cast at 100 energy.  Applies a stacking debuff to the tank.

--> Tanks swap after each strike to keep it from stacking.


Essence of Vita / Void

Throughout the phase, the boss will summon two orbs from portals that spawn on either side of the room:  a Vita orb on the left, and a Void orb on the right.  The orbs will travel toward the boss.  When they reach him, they grant him new abilities for 40 seconds.  When one orb is killed, the other orb becomes immune.

-->  Kill one orb before it reaches him.

For the first set, we can choose which one to kill.  But after that, we need to alternate, because if he soaks the same orb twice in a row, he'll gain Overwhelming Rage, a 300% damage increase.

--> Alternate orbs after that.

Temporary abilities gained after soaking an orb:

When he soaks the Void Orb, he'll apply a healing absorption shield to the raid which does ticking damage.  

--> Raid stand behind him for AoE healing.  Spot-heal the tank as soon as possible.

He'll also launch an Unstable Void missile into the air, which will begin to fall in a random nearby location.  Its landing spot is marked on the floor by a blue-black patch. If it lands it will deal raid-wide damage and silencing the raid whenever it lands.  Soaking the orb prevents this.  But soaking it debuffs the player with a 300% damage taken increase.  The orb despawns after about 5 bounces (depends on raid size).  The orb will generally go in the direction that the soaking player was facing, so make sure to face in a direction that makes it easy for the next player to soak it.

--> Five players will need to soak the orb.  Soakers should face a direction that makes it easy for the next soaker to get there.

The boss will also spawn a Void Hunter add from the portal that the Void Orb came from.  It will frequently cast Void Collapse on a player, which splits damage between everyone in its targeting circle and applies a 50% reduced healing debuff for 15 seconds.  This debuff stacks.

--> Tank the add beneath the boss.  The entire raid, except for the tanks and soakers, should pile on the player to  share damage.

Strategies for handling the healing reduction debuff:

* Nuke the add as fast as possible.  We can handle a second hit as long as everyone is topped off.
* Organize two groups of players to alternate taking the hits.

When he soaks the Vita orb, he'll do a flat burst of damage (Unleashed Vita).  Then he will apply Unstable Vita to a random non-tank player.  After 7 seconds it will jump to the farthest player, doing damage to all players in a line.  At each hit it applies a stacking 300% damage increase.

--> Bounce the debuff between different players in such a way that we don't hit anyone else.  We will set up 2 raid markers behind the raid.  We will assign three players to each marker, in a particular order.  The random player who gets the initial debuff must run to one world maker (e.g. left) while the assigned player goes to the right.  Once the debuff jumps to the second player, the initial player runs back into the raid while the next player gets on the marker to bait the jump.  Continue this pattern until the jumps are complete.

An add will spawn from the Vita portal.  This add casts Chain Lightning, but it's not really worth spreading out for this.

--> Just tank it under the boss and nuke it down.

PHASE TWO (at 40%)

Do not transition boss right before an orb, as we don't want to be dealing with orb mechanics during Phase Two.

The boss will cast Decaying Strike on the tanks in Phase Two.  He casts this at 100% energy.  Applies a DoT that deals damage equal to 75% of your health at the time of application, every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.  So, the more health the tank has at the time of application, the harder the DoT will hit.

--> Tank should be at about half health when Decaying Strike hits, then tank swap immediately.

In Phase Two the boss will be doing ticking damage to the raid (Ruin), while also gaining a 10% damage increase.

--> Raid stack behind the boss.  Bloodlust in this phase.

The boss will occasionally spawn large void zones around the room (Void Eruption).

--> Move out of these, then stack back up again.

He'll also mark players with Charged Bonds.  This ability chains two players together, dealing increasing ticking damage.  The bonds break at 40 yards.

--> Players run apart to break the chains.

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