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RP event at the Moot Tonight
Dispaya suddenly arose from her table and grasped at her stomach in pain.

"ohhh...so sick!" she cried!

So strange for a Forsaken to become ill...what could it be? No...not a sickness...a feeling.

It was not her...but another. A tribemate...sick now...oh so sick...and then silence. The feeling passed as soon as it had come.

But Dispaya knew it was no longer sickness.

It was death.
Sing True Ironsong!
((I was going to bring Kard tonight, but now I might bring Mel anyway...or maybe switch off? Ugh, so hard to decide now!))
Partario nervously giggled, his hand twitching, covering his own mouth.

His struggle to contain the presence of Efluvious had become much easier as of late, and a small fire burned in the Undercity sewers where a nest of rags had been. His fare paid, a bat brought him south. He had stashed some in Stranglethorn Vale, and he wanted more.

Thoughts raced through his mind, what to do next? Searching his memories, he found some shrouded; Efluvious' memories. With great satisfaction, and little effort now, he sliced into them revealing and reveling in them. He delved into his memories of the Tribe, of each member. A wandering path lead him to memories of Efluvia, his own memories of her were terrifying, but short. Her control had been absolute. Efluvious had felt terror, but a fondness as well. A familiarity.

Further back still, to the awakening. He had been brought back in Silverpine Forest, his body torn from battle. Then vague, cloudy memories of battle, always battle, then darkness.

As Partario flew onward, he cackled into the back of the great bat he rode. "A circle, a circle yes a circle! Round and round and round and...."
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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