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RP Event Tuesday 3/28 7pm
Copied from the Silver Hand forum thread: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-realm-silverhand&t=240105&p=1&tmp=1#post240105">http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/threa ... post240105</a><!-- m -->

This is run by Pakwa of Raven Dreams, a fine RPer and long time stalwart of Silver Hand. I will be there if I can and I encourage as many Ironsong members as are able to show up and support continued community and creative RP on Silver Hand. Plenty grumble; let's do something about it and come out for our fellow RPish friends!

I can’t believe it is time for the Blessing Water Ceremony again! If you were not here for last years, this is the first of the four Tauren ceremonies I created over the course of the last year. This year I will be holding the event on Tuesday March 28th at 7pm server time.

You can read more about them all here (with the exception of the Test of the White Stag, which does not have a webpage yet):

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.traitorsgate.net/ravendreams/stories.htm">http://www.traitorsgate.net/ravendreams/stories.htm</a><!-- m -->

If you want to get right to the chase, the webpage for the Blessing Water Ceremony is here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.traitorsgate.net/ravendreams/blessingwater.htm">http://www.traitorsgate.net/ravendreams ... gwater.htm</a><!-- m -->

And thanks to Mjollnir, you can look at last year’s event here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.digitaldreaming.org/wowscreenshots/BlessingWater/wowgallery.php">http://www.digitaldreaming.org/wowscree ... allery.php</a><!-- m -->

The pictures are a little out of order in some places, but you get the idea.

Please come (ahem, Horde)! I know the event is centered on the Tauren, but friends and allies are welcome to come watch respectfully. I might even tell the story in orcish this time.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
I'll gather some Peacebloom for Tribemates who wish to attend; each person will want to have one on them for part of the ceremony. Please be respectful and come ready to RP and have a great time. : )
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
I have to say, I'd love to go. Only problem is the time. 7pm on the server is 10pm here, and being on a schoolnight that's definetly outta the question. Yeah, this is what I get for being an east coaster on a west coast server. /sigh All the good stuff happens late!!!!
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cosbydre.ytmnd.com/">http://www.cosbydre.ytmnd.com/</a><!-- m -->
((I have several stacks of peacebloom on Ladrael that you are more than welcome to Tae!))

Pakwa has rescheduled the event to Monday, 4/3/06 at 7 PM. It's still going to be at Bloodhoof.

I'm seven shades of disapointed, as I work on Monday nights. Oh well, maybe next time.

((Are we allowed to come even if we aren't Tauren? This sounds quite keen.))
~Better a cruel truth than a comfortable lie.~ (Edward Abbey)

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