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RL post?
I just thought i'd ask if posting a general Real Life info on all of us would be out of line. I know the whole privacy thing is a bit of a stickey situation online, but hell, we have pictures of one of our tribe members bran spankin new children. And after seeing our Warcheif I know I want to know more about him. So what do you think folks? Yay or nay?
Not to get too cheesey with it, but remember those irritating little survery things that got sent to you when you were a teenager ( or are being sent to you right now if you are a teenager I suppose) Perhaps we could so something like that to avoid problems. First name, General Location, Video Game Backgroun, Favorite book, Favorite Band, Pet Peive, Profession, Current Educational goals, Etc.
It's 3 AM and I can't sleep, that and I'm an adult male and don't worry about privacy too much so i'm going to go ahead and fill out something quick about me and let the cards fall where they may

First things First, My name's William, just call me Will, I live In the Greater Vancouver Regional District (British Columbia) I've been playing RPG's since Secret of Mana back on the Super Nintendo, I fooled around on City of Hero's at my friends house for a bit but this is my first real MMORPG. I was one of those nerds who followed this right from conception and I have played and beaten Every game Blizzard has put out. My favorite book is Good Omens by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaimen. My favorite band is the Ceasers, I have no tolerance for stupid people (I don't care if you don't know things, but if you don't think about it, I have no time for you) I'm a lifeguard working my way though College and hope to transfer to University so I can get my Medschool applications on track. I have a nack for inane facts, my spelling is horrible but my grammer is worse. I apolagize in adavance for all the mistakes I make. That should do for now.
I shall continue in this vein! Mostly because I am not too worried about someone trying to steal my identity, who would want to be me ?

23 years old, married, two biological children, one step. I've been in the USCG since July 23 01, I was in boot camp for 9/11. Currently stationed in Port Angeles Washington. The Coast Guard is a huge part of my life and I am enjoying it immensly.

I enjoy reading, computers and various RPGs table top or otherwise. I'm very much looking forward to Episode III, I have been driving my wife nuts. All my kids are dark jedi apprentices, and sometimes I really wish I could use the force.

I’m game! Here’s me….

In another land and another time, I am Mattese. I’m 29 years (and 48 months) old, happily married, and have two utterly adorable children. Born and raised in New York, I now call Sacramento, California ‘home’. A former med tech in the US Air Force, I am now a civilian working as a public accountant.

I’m an avid reader, love my computer nearly as much as my kids, and I also enjoy a teeny tiny bit of shopping. (Please ignore the screams my debit card is making). I can’t name one favorite book because there are just too many to choose from. High on the list is “Lord of the Ringsâ€Â
Okay, I'll give this a shot.

My first name is Kevin, and I live in Illinois, just west of Chicago. My first RPG was Morrowind, which I got in 2002. I fell in love with it and played it on and off for well over a year, then got into Diablo II. After a few months of that, I got City of Heroes, and played that from June of last year right up until November 23rd of last year, which is the release date of WoW.

And I've been playing it ever since Big Grin

My favorite book is Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Jester, but I also like Terry Pratchett's books a whole bunch.

My favorite band... that's a tough one. Last year I would have said VAN HALEN OMG but now, I guess it would be a toss up between Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Dream Theater.

My profession is high-school student, and I want to go through college at some point, although I don't have any idea what I want my career to be as of yet.
My turn!

I am David, oftimes called Dayv. Note the 'Y' before the 'V'.

I am 27 years old, married to one of your officers, and living in Montpelier, the glorious capitol of the greatest state, Vermont, that was tragically forced to join this travesty we call a nation. I am a graduate student at Goddard College, pursuing a Masters' degree in counseling psychology, with aspirations to one day be a psychotherapist specializing in spiritual and religious crisis. I work in a home for boys with severe behavioral disturbances. I am a practicing pagan (a real-life druid! Don't make me shift into bear form! Rar!), feeling very much like one of my ancient Irish ancestors brought about 1800 years into the future and unceremoniously deposited in this confusing age. I have adapted, though, and have finally formed my own tribe!

I aspire to do something like this in real life too. My ultimate dream involves owning a few dozen acres of forest here in Vermont, with a big house, plenty of room for guests and family, a herd of cattle, and a big garden. A few dogs would be nice too. If there were a stream on the property, it would be just about perfect.

Anyway, that's me!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
Here I go...

My names Andrew, I prefer Andy
I live Just west of Chicago, not far from Kevin and His brother.
Super Mario RPG -> 6years of Age Of Empries games(I know its not RPG)-> Morrowind ->Rome Total War (also not RPG)-> my 1st MMORPG WoW!!!
Favorite Book, aside the obvious LOTR, a book called The Magic of Recluce, ecxellent book.
Band? ............ Right now The Who but in about a month that will be different.
My pet is no pieve, she is a Yellow Lab puppy named Ginger
Im what you would call the "scapegoats of socioty, a Highschooler"
And my goal is Honor Role again (<3.5 GPA)
Solving the worlds fresh water crisis, one frost-bolt at a time.
Hey! My first name is Derek, and I am the identical twin brother of Vashu. I'm 15, and will be learning to drive in June (wewt). I look a little like a hippie with the long hair (EDIT: Recently buzzed. Too hot out) but I've yet to do any drugs associated with high-schoolers.

My favorite book is Ender's Game or Ender's Shadow. My favorite band is called Particle (they're a techno-rock jam band from California.) I enjoy running and am on the track team, and if I could be anything but myself, I would be a Silverback Gorilla.

I bought my first video games in second grade- the N64. I then got involved in Age of Empires II, Starcraft, Warcraft III and Morrowind. The rest, they say, is history.
*glare from his monitor reflects off of his glasses, taps his fingers together and simply hums to himself for a tad*

My name? Daniel or Dan. I preffer Dan though, and really only allow my family or someone of the opposite gender to call me Danny. Oh, and Chewbacca, well, thats cause I can do a wookie yell really good.

I am 16 and in only 18 days Ill be 17! I cannot drive yet, but am working on it (makes it hard to even think about dating.) and I am currently searching for a job. *eyes burger king right down the road*

Im a junior, and I live in the town right next to Vashu and Jabulji. (Perhaps one day I will find myself meeting up with them?)

I enjoy drawing. And hope to soon become an art student (college unknown). Perhaps as a conceptual artist and work on video game characters and such. But I would also like to start my own comic series. From what my friends tell me, I tend to accel in horror based art, but I am quite capable of cartooning and such.

Favorite Bands consist of: godsmack, mudvayne, Perfect circle, tool, slipknot, killswitch engage, and others of the same nature.

As for RPing. I really started on message boards, back in the 7th grade, when I was really into Dragonball Z. I started text based RPing from there and been doing so ever since, WoW is my first MMORPG and I love it. I tend to focus on more morbid characters, but with Tod I tend to be the rocker/party guy and enjoy it.
Hello all!

My name is Jay, and I'm a 35 year old guy who seems to enjoy playing video games. I'm married to a wonderful woman, and we just welcomed our first child into our family 2 months ago. His name is Eric, and he's the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

I am currently unemployed (this is on purpose) because I am going to play the part of a stay at home dad. Well, that and I'm going back to school. After many years of slacking off, I've decided a college education might be worthwhile. Luckily my wife supports me in this decision.

I'm a bit of a sports fan, mostly pro football and pro baseball. Go Rams! Go Reds!

My favorite music group is The Police, and my favorite solo artist would be Sting. (of course!)

I started playing a wonderful game called Dungeons and Dragons in the Seventh grade, and my love of fantasy games has not changed. In 2001 I purchased the game EverQuest, hoping that it might be something fun to kill some time with. Instead, I got a game where I met some wonderful people in, who I would now call my friends. I have played EQ, Horizons (very shortly), Star Wars Galaxies ( a game with tons of potential, but they just screwed it all up), EQ2 (also short lived) and finally to WoW.

I have gamed with Nicoaa and Uglawha since my days in EQ, as well as a few others who are currently playing WoW. I am sure that you all will be meeting them shortly.

See ya all soon!

Orc Hunter
Ironsong Tribe
OK guys, My name is Chris, but most people call me Crispy. Im not sure why, just one of those stupid names that never seems to stop following you. Im 22 and married to a gorgeous blode surfer girl. How did a RPing computer dork get a girl like that you ask? God has a sense of humor. Either that or she did something terrible in a past life and this is her punishment. We live in Southern California I love the weather but I hate the city and the people. I'm a waitor by trade, but an aspiring musician. I play guitar/mandolin, and I play with my brother (Poryis) who plays bass/double bass. Other than that its video games, D&D, and (for some strange reason I cant kick the habit) MTG all day long. If you missed it there is a picture of me and my mandolin on the picture thread here


and also on http://www.facesofwow.com

Thats it for me, your friendly neighborhood Darkspear.
Well my name is Earlene. I live in NW Florida in a tiny town near Pensacola (LOVE those white beaches) and am a 43 year old mom of two lovely daughters

My favorite book is actually a series, Earth's Children by Jean Auel (some of you may recognize only the first one as it was made in a movie as "Clan of the Cave Bear"). If I chose a favorite it would probably be Mammoth Hunters (book 3).

My favorite band, don't really have one. Like all kinds of music, mostly soft rock so know by songs maybe not by band names. I don't pay that close attention. I do like Enya and a lot of the Celtic based music you can find in the stores nowadays as well.

I started with RPGs (D&D) in the Navy in '83 and got hooked on them ever since, playing Sega's games (Loved Phantasy Star, Lunar etc) and then got Baldur's Gate (1 and 2), EQ (played on Emarr and FV servers) and then finally WoW which I have enjoyed the most.
Anybody else notice the large number of Milatary folks on here?
Well lets see.

Name: Stephen
Been playing games like D&D since first edition and have played most pen and paper games since then.

Played EQ on the Nameless server and FV also played Star wars galaxies and couple others for a short time.

Born in Liverpool England but grew up in the lower mainland of British columbia Canada. Now live in Kelowna B.C in the lovely okanagon.

Favorite band at moment is Maroon 5 .good music to listen too when out walking along the beach.
Occupation is none -unemployed (not for much longer if can help it)

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