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((Quick attack plan))
((Ok, formed these for my guild on Dunemaul a while back, and recently heard they were able to pull it off sucsessfully, in effect it is a three pronged attack, that if done right would cripple the Alliance, sperate their forces, and allow the Horde the defeat them, no matter what the ratio is. Note: Though I am posting these, I kinda want constructive critisism moreso then to actually see it occur, I know it probabaly never will on Silver Hand due to unification and such, and if this gets in the way, I apologize, you can delete the post if ye want.))

((Firstly, All of the various guilds and such must be contacted and brought into the attack group all levels will be used, and the more people the better. Then a date must be agreed upon, and material farming for potions, devices, and armors should commence, groups should be planned for the attacks on Stormwind, Darnassus, and Ironforge based on level, experience, armor equipped, etc, also for the group heading to Ironforge, the less latency you usually have the better. Smaller groups should be thought up for the attacks on smaller towns, Lakeshire, Astranaar, Theslelmar, and several others are generally good picks, though further outlying towns should be attacked first and given time to pull Alliance to these areas early, these groups should contain several lower level characters, with a few higher levels acting as a vanguard.))

((Second, materials gathered should be converted into armors, devices, and potions, and distributed to those who could use them most, as the days preceding the assault draw nearerer roles in the battles should be drilled down, flight paths obtained if nessasary, and raid members known. Information about the site each individual group is to attack should be distributed among that groups members, and strategies among each group should be formed. All Horde characters should mantain normal day to day activities, for we would not want the Alliance to become suspicious of us and perhaps begain to prepare defences.))

((Third, On the day of the attack, make sure groups are all on either Vent or Teamspeak ((This is hard to determine since many use a certain one, also many do not have headphones, thus in the Dunemaul battle it was asked if you did not have headphones to get on Ventrilo and use the chat command. Also due to the number of people several channels were used, the Capital raids were all on one, the nearby towns on another, and the far away towns on a third.)) Then get all raid groups into position, firsstly, attack towns that are far from others, to pull Alliance away from the capital's, this should be the lower level groups because the Alliance will only be attacking them for a short time before many will return to fight on other battlefields, the more towns assaulted the better, for it will split the Alliance forces. Shortly after the first wave attacks, the second wave will attack towns far nearer to the capitals, places such as Goldshire, Auberdine, Theslmar, etc... these groups will be quite large as they will be both the raids planning on attacking the Capitals shortly, and the groups staying behind to distract the Alliance, all this will occur while the outlying towns are still being attacked. Several min. into these new battles (after more Alliance show up) The Capital raids shall sneak away one by one and let those remaining hold off the Alliance while they besiege the Capitals. Darnassus should be attacked first, then five min. later Ironforge, Ironforge should have two full raid groups if possible attacking it's main gate, due to they will be the most besieged, if nessacary units from the groups in Theslmar or other nearby towns may be drawn away to assist them. Finally the Stormwind group shall attack, this group will be at least two raid groups and will require more DPS then the others because you could either kill the king then go to Ironforge to attack, or just go to Ironforge,(Dunemaul Horde thought it could hit both, but they quickly learned it would take to long and so skipped it, instead moving on to Ironforge quickly.) Also several armored units should assist this group, for upon exiting the Tram, they must quickly proceed to the main gates, once there they are to cut a swathe THROUGH a small section of Alliance and open a passage for the group outside (Guards outside are insane, many causulties will be had) once this passage is made the outer groups should run inside and dispatch all guards with the help of the interior group, now with a combined total of 160 Horde members, fighting a disheartened (Darnassus was down by now, so the reinforcements were incoming, also several small towns were coming in to beat down at the Front gates again, they were sent to Stormwind instead were they quickly dispatched Fordragon.) Alliance who are still spread out across all of their cities. Push to the Forge as fast as you can, then to the King Himself (Reinforcements came just as they were entering the Kings Throne Room, they hooked up with the main group in under 5 min.) Once you've entered the throne room, post new guards at the entrance to slow down the pesky Alliance and claim your prize.))

((Note: Yeah really long, came up with this quite a while ago after getting infuriated at how often the Alliance killed our leaders, after this happened they lost all heart apparently, I don't think this could ever happen on Silver Hand due to disorganization, lack of communication, few guilds would work that well together, and PvP of this sort generally isent our thing. NOT because we have horribe loot compaired to the Alliance, or because of numbers (Ratio on Dunemaul is I THINK worse then here.) And loot from dungeons mainly goes to the Alliance, it is basically a similar situation to Silver Hand loot wise. Just wanted to post this to find some ways to improve the strategy, show people that while yeah loot matters, you can trick people so that the epix wearing people are nowhere near you until you outnumber them.))

*A crudely drawn map is drawn here, one which shows a plan to effectivly defeat the Alliance*
"Is it any wonder, under such a burden, they seemed mad? We all have found ourselves railing against them and later consoling them. Theirs was a burden we each bore but a fraction. They shouldered it, and in the end, it crushed them."

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