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Questions about alt's in kara.
A few quick questions about bringing alt's in Kara.

1. do really have any policies about bringing one of your alt's through.

2. loot restrictions? ( I know about the Teir peices. )

3. Can i bring my mage (frosty) in one night? maybe tuesday sence thos mob's are a cake walk anyway.
Good questions, Min.

I don't think any official rules in regards to alts have been made, however in regards to loot I do have a request. Not sure if it'll become an official policy or not (in the end it's Damo's word), however I would suggest that if a piece of loot does drop that your mage and both Saltin/Dannae/Damo want (this would go for any alt vs original member, not any random pickup/filler we grab along the way), please out of respect pass to the original members who've been there since day one of Vanguard working towards getting it. If none of us want it (and this doesn’t include me upgrading my silly caster set or Eatmore his random healing set, ect., ignore us) then please, take it! If it's decided we'll go this way though, please know when to pass as well. Keep in mind your main may have the gear they need off specific bosses, however another main of our's may not.. So let’s make it so both of those original Vanguard'ers can reach that point. :]

That makes sense, yes?
The way it works in TSnG is that if you bring an alt, he/she can only roll on an item that wouldn't otherwise be an upgrade for someone's main. In addition, the alt usually only comes if it's okay to lose whatever class the main is for that raid or fight.

ie. Greyfith would offtank trash until a boss where he wasn't needed so that Freithe could go. Lately Shantow has been offtanking so Freithe goes more often.

If that helps.
That what i figured it would be like. I just want to make sure there wasnt any weird rules that are in place. it's not like we dont have anot of thos floating around.


The rules sound put forth are generally speaking the way that it will be handled. Its probably good that just about everyone in the raid has at least an alt that they might be able to take through, because nothing is worse than feeling obligated to raid with only your main character to assist gearing up alts. The truth of the matter is this. Kharazan is a done instance for almost all of us. Sure we can all pick up trinkets here and there, but outside of some healing weapons we're coming to the point where its far too routine. I am looking forward to the next challenge. So expect some shake ups when we start going into the next level seriously.


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