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Question on warrior builds

Yes I'm asking bout warriors...my alt...Korsk...is a low lvl warror. I'm thinking on a 31/5/15 build for her, but am curious to what others have. I like the idea of learning to tank and to off tank. Being something that Nico is not built for...she is a marksman through and through. So this 31.5.15 build I thought might work for tanking small groups or MA if needing. A bit of flexability...so please...can I hear others thoughts and ideas of other possible builds?

Shurka's 14/37/0, which works pretty well for me. You won't be tanking MC with that build, but it works fine for the lower-end instances - it allows you to MT if needed, or switch to DW/2H and pour on the damage. He's tanked the Baron several times with no trouble at all.
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Old fan of the 31/5/15 build myself. I tanked everything even up to ZG and MC in blues, though that diddn't last long before I got stuck on the dialup. A good build if you like to use one handers for DPSing and the like, but want some tanking support as well.
However since then I've been trying a fury build with my Orc warrior, who will probally end up with a mix of all three tree's pre-BC. Still finding out what I like with them really, but haveing alot of fun with it anyway.
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I'm a huge fan and major proponent of a 31/5/15 build. Krigaren has had that build for a long, long time, and I've been able to tank anything and everything perfectly well, while also being able to dish out a good amount of DPS.

The drawback, however, is that a 31 Arms build is designed mostly for heavy-hitting 2H weapons, which you won't be getting a lot of use out of while you're tanking. If you think you can handle operating without Tactical Mastery, going with a 0/31/20 build is also pretty awesome, and allows you to do a lot of DPS and tank well (and Fury works awesome with sword and board tanking moments.)

Even still, 31/5/15 is very solid, and a good choice for anyone wanting 2H DPS and tanking versatility.
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Oh thanks you guys, that was great.

I'm just looking for the versatillity, i dont plan on tanking in MC..hehe...unless all want to have a big wipe out! I just wnat ot be able to handle smaller instances, have fun....and learn something that is different from what i've been playing so far. With what i have had done so far is a lot of 2h...why i love it i do not know......but will start working on the 1h and the shield so i am comfortable with both.

Will maybe stick to the 31/5/15....but once up there might play around for a bit while we wait on BC....

Again, thanks guys. Will probably be asking more as i play her.

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