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Question! Again!
With our massive and amazing progress in the Core, I am left to wonder. Where is Onyxia? I remember the times when we did take her down, pre-MC epics, pre-major instance gear. It was just Ironsong's strong will and cooperation that took her down. But now, we're in the Core. We're clearing through the place at light speed. Ironsong has done so well, so I say this.

Let's start up Onyxia runs again!

So many folks are keyed, ready and roarin to go. We've done it before, so let's do it again! Good ol' Ironsong style!

Signed with anxiety and a bit of an asthma attack,

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Dear Nevlag,

Your enthusiasm is appreciated! When we do face Onyxia again, it will be because we have decided we are ready to add another event to our busy weekly schedule.

The Brood Mother has not escaped our attention; however, I believe our excellent progress against the elemental Lords of the Core is due to the focus with which we have directed our advances.

Because of travel time and preparation, Onyxia does not commonly take thirty minutes to defeat. Not even for more experienced guilds, as I have personally witnessed.

The Farseers and Blademasters of the Tribe absolutely agree that Ironsong has more potential to defeat her than ever before. Adding Onyxia as a fourth dedicated raid requires committment from both officers and a large number of Tribemates. We are not necessarily prepared to honour such a committment.

I realize that your wish is to see Ironsong united against great evil more than anything else. We show great solidarity in our fast-moving battle below Blackrock Mountain, and in dedicated assaults of ancient Zul'Gurub.
Others we shall face in time!
In the short term, while we aren't adding Onyxia as a regular weekly event, Kosath is going to run a raid to kill her this coming Saturday at 2pm game time (though that time may be subject to change, not sure). It's in the Guild MOTD though few have been online yet post-downtime this morning.

The officers really seriously get asked every day when we are going to run x or y raid for the Tribe. We have no plans to add more regular weekly raids to Ironsong's schedule. Utsusemi is working on an all-Ironsong ZG that folks should support if they want more Tribe ZG. AQ20 is ill-tuned for its rewards - we'll return there irregularly when the Tribe is better geared most likely. Onyxia we are working on doing irregularly again now that more people are keyed. As some recall while we were able to defeat her we only once ever had a full raid going in and she has been made slightly more difficult since then.

If we go to BWL or AQ40 - which we currently do not have concrete plans for- it will not be until some time after we defeat Ragnaros. Ideally if we defeat Ragnaros and are able to speed up MC enough we'd first add Onyxia to one of the nights.

Naxxramas is a post-BWL/AQ40 raid and far off yet. The Horde raiding guilds are barely inside the place.

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Shills right there are only six guilds on the horde side that are making any progress into BWL and only two that are making decent progress into AQ40, Naxx is harder than both of those, combined. so with all honesty folks dont get your hopes up for seeing the inside of those for at least a year.
our enemies will not know we are there till my sword is sticking out threw their chests.
~Proud 'Raider' of the Ironsong tribe.~

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