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It depends on what your build is for. If it for 25 man raiding I'd go with Aspiration. If it is for utility while leveling/5maning, I'd stick with imp DS.
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Starting next week you'll be leveling again. Just keep yourself the way you are.
Do any priests here know if the amount Absorbed by [spell]Power Word: Shield[/spell] or [spell]Divine Aegis[/spell] is modified by your Armor value??
It would be easy enough to find out. Just have someone auto attack someone naked, and with plate and shield.

While bubbled of course.
The only modifier I am aware of is your spellpower (30%). The shield is applied after damage reduction from armor, but I'm not sure if that's what you're asking.
I don't believe it does. It was one of the big complaints priests had is that PW:S scaled horribly. And by horribly I mean not at all
I am asking this because I am considering using a spec what will include [spell]Inspiration[/spell]. My initial reasoning behind that is if I crit on a heal, it will proc both [spell]Divine Aegis[/spell] AND [spell]Inspiration[/spell] that would ultimately extend slightly the absorbtion effect of the shield (more small hits as opposed to few large hits)....however I asked a co-worker and he had the same answer as Thanuist....I will need to do some testing tonight I guess....if the game is even functional.

Inspiration is an amazing raiding talent, shield or not. Pretty sure shield does not benefit from armor, as armor mitigates damage caused. Absorption and immunities are calculated first. But, would be interested in the test results.
Does the combat log give you an actual amount that was absorbed? Or am I going to have to count how many times I am hit :lol:
I *think* it tells you how much was absorbed; it tells you how much damage was blocked/resisted.

Look me up in game tonight if you see me, I will let you beat on me, so the results will be very obvious due to the armor difference.

Daichallar Wrote:Eruadan,

Look me up in game tonight if you see me, I will let you beat on me, so the results will be very obvious due to the armor difference.


Hmmm thinking about it I am thinking that if the damage absorbtion amount is dictated by armor value than it would only be for physical damage only.

I think you will need to beat on me Dai....I have [spell]Inner Fire[/spell] so that should be enough to see a difference with it on and off.
Since Daichallar was absent, Kosath was kind enough to help me test this.

Initial looks showed that it may help, however there were a few crits involved that offset numbers. However, after a second test the results yeilded similar results from having Inner fire on, and Inner Fire off. Variable in this test was that weapons have a range of damage and not an absolute number that I would need to test something for a definitive answer.

Conclusion: Sadly [spell]Divine Aegis[/spell] and [spell]Inspiration[/spell] will probably not benefit from each other...however in a raid setting having both would still yield a beneficial result since Divine Aegis will be destroyed befor the duration of Inspiration finishes.

Sorry for the bad news priests Sad
Eh, I'll just keep on flaying and watching those nice new crits

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