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Queen's Court
This is a single phase encounter in which we must deal with two bosses simultaneously, named Silivaz and Pashmar.  During the fight, the queen will enact various decrees that the raid must follow.

The two bosses have separate health pools, and need to be killed within 15 seconds of each other (or the dead one will heal back up).  The bosses must be tanked 21+ yards apart, as they shield each other.

Generally, melee players should be on Silivaz, while ranged players on Pashmar — tweak this to get the DPS even.


Keep Pashmar towards the edges of the room because of her Violent Outburst cast, which she does at 100 energy.  She will deal a burst of damage to the raid, centered on her, which decreases with distance.  Players toward the edge of her targeting circle will take less damage than those close to her, and players outside the circle will take no damage at all.  By keeping her at the edge the ranged can stay outside her circle and only the tank and melee will need to run out.

Pashmar will also occasionally summon three Potent Spark orbs.  These will always spawn in the same locations.  These orbs slowly lose health on their own.  When they die they explode, doing raid-wide damage

(On heroic, the orbs will also apply debuff that increases damage you take from subsequent explosions by 100% for 5 seconds, like the orbs on the High Botanist boss.  These need to be killed in a staggered fashion:  nuke one fast, kill one at least 5 seconds later, and let the last one die on its own).

Pashmar will also debuff players with Fanatical Verdict.  When it expires it does a burst of damage to everyone within 5 yards.  It looks like a white swirl around you.  When you get it, run 5 yards away from other before it times out.

Pashmar will apply a stacking debuff called Pashmar’s Touch to her tank every 6 seconds or so.  At 10 stacks it permanently mind controls the tank.  Taunt off each other at the 7-8 stack mark.  When swapping, try to keep the bosses stationary as much as you can to avoid them giving each other 99% damage reduction.


Tank Silivaz in the middle of the room.

He gains attack speed over time as he hits the same target (Commander’s Fury) which is reset only by hitting a new target.  This shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing to tank swap — just be prepared to take a lot of damage when you’ve been tanking him for a while.

Silivaz will cast Zealous Eruption at 100% energy, which places a bubble around him for the 10 second cast.  Anyone not in the bubble at the end of the cast takes a large amount of damage.  The entire raid should stack inside this bubble except for the Pashmar tank who should stay outside.  While in the bubble, be directly beneath Silibaz.  This makes room for any player with Fanatical Verdict to move to the edge of the bubble.

Silivaz will also cast Frenetic Charge:  after a 6 second cast, Silivaz will charge a random player, dealing massive damage split between all targets within 8 yards of that player.  Leaves behind a permanent patch of goo.

—> Marked players need to run to the edge of the room while many others stack on that player to share damage.

The challenge of the fight lies with the overlap between the bosses’ abilities with Azshara’s decrees.


Azshara will enact decrees throughout the fight.  They will always be cast in a set order.

1.  Form Ranks:  This creates zones on the ground around the middle of the room.  They look like purple circles.  They explode after 5 sec for raid-wide damage if left unsoaked —> At least one person should stand in each zone.  After one set of zones, two more sets will occur back to back.

The only funky overlap is that a player will likely be charged during this decree.  Any player not soaking a zone should go help with the charge.

2. Repeat Performance:  This is a 30 second debuff placed on the entire raid.  This ability will silence or pacify you for 2 seconds if you use the same ability twice in a row.  So don’t cast two abilities twice in a row — weave interrupts or other attacks not on GCD.

3. Stand Alone:  Players that stand too close to each other will take a burst of damage. Pre-spread before it comes in and remain spread.  The boss will STILL CHARGE someone during this, and they do need to be soaked, so stand nearby and then stack on the player as the charge goes through.  This is also a good time for charge targets to solo if they possibly can, using immunities like ice block and paladin bubble.  Deflects, like Aspect of the Turtle, don’t work.

4.  Deferred Sentence:  Standing still applies a stacking debuff.  At the end of 30 seconds the stacks will detonate, which is enough to one-shot players.  Remove stacks by moving.  But you’ll take a small burst of damage for each stack removed.  So keep moving during this decree, ideally keeping the stacks below three, to keep incoming raid damage smooth and steady.

5.  Obey or Suffer.  Taking damage will make you immune to healing for 5 seconds.  After the immunity times out, you can’t get it again for another 5 seconds, giving healers time to actually keep the raid alive.  Avoid taking damage as much as possible.  The exception is stacking for the Frenetic Charge.  If orbs spawn ahead of this decree, kill them off quickly.  If they spawn halfway during the decree, let them tick down on their own, then stagger kill them after the decree is over.

One Obey or Suffer is over, the fight will go back to Form Ranks, and will go through the list again in the same order.
On heroic:

When the Potent Spark orbs expire, they apply a 5-second debuff to the raid which increases damage taken from subsequent Potent Sparks by 100%.

--> Potent Spark explosions must be staggered by at least 5 seconds.

Decrees occur every 45 seconds, instead of every minute.

This leaves only 15 seconds of downtime between each decree, which means we need to handle mechanics more frequently.  It also changes the ability overlaps.

--> We need to handle the degrees properly and quickly.
Quick Overview of Heroic Queen's Court


* Tank Pashmar at the edge of the room, and Silivaz in the middle of the room.  Keep them 21 yards apart or their shield each other.  They need to die within 15 seconds of each other.

* Tanks swap bosses at 7-8 stacks of Pashmar's Touch debuff (at 10 stacks it mind-controls the tank).

* Ranged on Pashmar & melee on Silivaz.  We will fine-tune to keep DPS even.

* Tanks watch out for high stacks of Commander's Fury from Silivaz.


* Run out of Pashmar's big circle (Violent Outburst), including the tank.

* If you get a white swirl (Fanatical Verdict), run it away from others

* Run IN to Silivaz's bubble (Zealous Eruption).  Stand UNDER Silivaz so players with a white swirl can run to edge of bubble.  Pashmar's tank stays outside bubble.

* Players marked with Silivaz's Frenetic Charge run to edge of room, others stack on that player to share damage.

* Stagger orb kills by 5 seconds.


* Form Ranks:  one person stands in each void zone (they'll occur in waves of three).  Note: if Form Ranks overlaps with Frenetic Charge, players not in void zones should help the charged player.

* Repeat Performance:  Don't use the same ability twice in a row.

* Stand Alone:  Spread out.  Note: if Stand Alone overlaps with Frenetic Charge, stand near marked player and stack only as the Charge goes through.  If a marked player can use immunities, use them.  (Note:  deflects don't work)

* Deferred Sentence:  Keep moving.  Keep stacks below three.

* Obey or Suffer:  Taking damage makes you immune to healing for 5 seconds (after it times out you can't get it again for 5 seconds).  Avoid taking damage.  But still stack for Frenetic Charge.  For orbs, try to kill them before or after Obey or Suffer, but still stagger the kills.

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