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Qashiiro Application
1) Hey there! They call mi Qashiiro. I be a troll mon, who be very involved in supportin' di Horde wit all di might fer possess'n. Jus been given di honor uh First Seargent tru devoted services to di battles pun Warsong an Arathi Basin. Been cuttin many troats mon.

2) Been train'n fer som 55 seasons ta perfect di ways uh di shaman. Tho most di villagers dem be lovin dem voodoo, mi found mi strength in enhancin' pun di weapons.

3) ((I have enjoyed this game for just over a year now. Great fun and meet great people. Finishing up college degree in computer science. I am very interested in everything from sports to photography. I consider myself to be diverse, enjoying music, people and cultures from all walks of life.))

4) Mi gran'fodder pass'n di fishin' down ta mi as a yout. Di real love mi haf is fer di Axe mon! So mi search'n di world ova fer precious minerals be need'n ta creat'em. Jus be gainin' mi knowledge from di Orcish Blacksmithiths and be memorizin' nuff recipes.

5) Lookin ta find a group wit like interest. Lovin' di current group but dey not be workin towards di same goals mon. Seein all di world uf Azera... Azeroff haf ta offer. Only see bout 2 uf dem in a week. Most mi friends been from other groups mon. Not what i be lookin' fer out uf di game.

6) Been observin' mon. Observin' many groups from Azer... Azera... Azeroff. Som'a dem haf everyting a troll be needin. Som'a dem not enuff. Den mi ran across one der name Uma....jus jokin' mon...UMU! Be havin a good presence. Chat wit plenty a udder ones but display some poor aura. But not UMU. Mi say group mus be ok ta try. Mi got ta attend da moot jus passin'. Enjoy'd di stories and di personalities uf di bunch. Good food, good dancin...dat be fer di troll mon!

7) Mi trials fer everyday. Stay away from di voodoo! Help di Horde in di war efforts. Som'a dem dragons be tough mon. Ready to bring down som scurge. Many time a visit ta dungeons in plaguelands mon an even dat lost tribes be in Zul Gurub...be too many hardship to name.

8) Mi look foward ta helpin' di group here wit ANYTING mon! Git mi pun high level uf war, bless'ed armor an enchanted weapons fer taken down dem enemy uf di Horde.

9) Mi be lovin' di people ta meet, da livin...da dyin. Da journey be long. Much ta see still mon. Mi goal ta become great shaman fighter pun di lands an fi help udder ones reach same status.

10) ((Read the rules and agree. Thank you for the opportunity))

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