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PvP hints, tips, tricks and training
Fellow lifeforms!
I appeal to you for your PvP tricks and whatnot. As a warlock I sniffle whenever I see a rogue. I cry at Paladins and generally I suck. I like PvP but I am horrible.

Any suggestions would be great, I've already taken engineering just in case someone was going to bring that up. But yes a training camp would be nice ? Anyone willing to duel would be good too.

I appeal to your greater knowledge skill and whatnot.
Go for Sta+ and Int+ Gear, without at least 3k HP you're useless in PvP.
Also, use fear. Alot. Whenever anything is beating on you and can't be killed with two Searing Pain's, fear it and Shadowbolt it. Your Imp is your friend, but I gotta get to work.

I'll write some more when I get back.
Ah, well, I'm back. Pretty much, at my measly Levels this is how most Fights look:
Combat ensues > Have Imp Attack > apply CoA and Corruption as Enemy closes Range > Fear > Shadowbolt > Searing Pain > Fear > Shadowbolt > Searing Pain > Fear ... etc.

Of course, once you get more Toys that'll change, but in the 21 to 30 Bracket, that's how things go. Ocasionally, when all the Enemies are clumped together I toss a Rain of Fire out, bringing teh Painz, but that doesn't happen all that much. When you see several People attacking the Flagbearer, Fear is also a good Tool.

I hope this helped.

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