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PvP hints and tips
I do not pvp much but recently with Melikar starting the ironsong defenders i was wondering if anyone had any information or websites that would be helpful for first time pvpers like myself improve our performance. Thank you Big Grin
The best advice I can give you is *practice*

PvP combat is extremely difficult to master in theory without first experiencing it. It is highly fluid and you need to know when to rethink what you are doing. Let's face it, once that first strike lands most of our well thought out plans go out the window. Your adrenaline begins to pump and soon you are just mashing buttons.

I would highly suggest that you start by getting into Alterac Valley. Do *not* try to start with world PvP, as any death will put you at a heavy disadvantage. Battlegrounds such as Alterac Valley allow for you to spawn quickly after a death and get right back into the battle. By fighting with others at your side you can begin to see what things work and what abilities certain classes use most. This makes AV the best starting place for practicing your PvP skills.

You will want to begin stacking on any gear with resilience and stamina rating. These two stats are your most important. After that, begin working on your hit rating (for melee/ranged and offensive casters).

Resilience will help to prevent you from being crit on, will help reduce critical strike damage, reduce mana drains, and in the near future lessen all damage taken. I am currently north of 780 (9.5% crit chance reduction) resilience, which is no where near the cap. Just to put things in perspective, some people have over 45% crit chance for their *white* hits. There is no way to completely prevent critical strikes in PvP, but any prevention is huge for survivability.

Beyond this simple advice you will need to ask specific questions as there is a wealth of PvP knowledge out there... so much so that it would fill volumes of books. I will be happy to answer anything that I can.

Happy hunting.
Hunter, correct? I am willing to help advise you as much as I can.

The WoW class forum can be a great way to start gathering as much info about your class as you can both in PvE and PvP: clicky

You can also try this guide I found: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.almostgaming.com/wowguides/hunter-pvp-guide">http://www.almostgaming.com/wowguides/hunter-pvp-guide</a><!-- m -->

But do note a lot of PvP guides seem to be out of date these days. For example, hunters don't get Wing Clip anymore. Just check them out to get a good idea of how a fight would work, but practicing in game will be your best bet.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
The best teacher for PvP is experience. Dueling different people of different classes one on one is also good practice to understanding what to expect from opponents.
I'd agree with Grazak, dueling is the best way to start, especially if you have a patient teacher that understands your class (though they might not necessarily play your class). Battlegrounds are great too, especially if you watch what others do: both Horde and Alliance. Getting killed by someone skilled of your own class can be a very revealing experience and help you not just in PvP.
I would agree with Gra'zak as well, but personaly note from me:

Dont use arena skirmish's right off the bat...Xerrik and I did so, and it was a joke (on us). Arena is seriously for those who have alot of experience PvP'ing. But It wouldnt hurt if you like to take a beating to learn.
If you look around, there are a lot of good guides for each class, and I'm sure a lot of videos. For Mages, there are the I Suck at PvP videos, for example.

One of the best bits of advice I can give is DO NOT FREAK OUT IF YOU'RE CC'D. Take a deep breath, take stock of what cooldowns you have left, and come up with a game plan for when the CC ends.

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