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Putting the shoe on the other foot
I'm well enough travelled to realize that it isn't just the Alliance attacking Horde holdings. I, for one, am tired of seeing almost daily attacks on the Crossroads and Tarren Mill.

I also realize that taking any action against Alliance holdings won't dissuade them from this tendency.

It will, however, be a good way to release frustration with actions of some of the Alliance's least honorable members.

So, if you're interested in riding with me into Alliance territory this coming Saturday to raise the Horde warbanner in challenge, I'd welcome your company.

((OOC: I'm looking at some time around 4pm, Orgrimmar time. Meet in Grom'Gol, and ride forth into Duskwood. We can raise some ruckus there, or head further north into the Redridge Mountains. I had some limited success there last night. It's a bit more out of the way, so hopefully there won't be a slew of 60s pouring in.

My suggested Rules of Engagement [ROE] are:

1) Stay back from the town some to lessen the likelihood of getting any civilian targets by mistake.

2) NO targeting of quest-givers/vendors/etc, whether or not they are a civilian to you

3) Unless attacking us or supporting those fighting us (healing/buffing), leave flagged lowbies (gray to you) alone.

4) No /spit-ting, whether they deserve it or not

5) Any and all levels welcome, though 30-ish and higher is recommended for the trip through Stranglethorn

None of this is set in stone, so any suggestions/ideas are welcome.))
I endorse these Rules of Engagement as in keeping with the spirit of the Ironsong Code. Thanks Lhuurssa for suggesting them for some fun aggressive PVP. Good luck!
You can count me in (( that is if I get up in time and am not too sore to walk over to the computer by tomorrow)). I completely agree with the RoE and will uphold them to the highest standards.
Alexei, Zamba and I ventured forth to raise the warbanner. They were fine companions and proved resourceful and steadfast, even in the face of severe disadvantages at times. I am proud to say that they aided me in taking a small piece of the fight to the Alliance, and comported themselves with honor.

We faced off against only a few in Loch Modan:
Minout, a hunter of the 60th season is the only name that sticks in my mind. There ws also a mage of the 60th season that aided this hunter, as well as Ziana, another hunter of the 60th seasons. They guarded our corpses for use for a little bit *smirks* but eventually departed.

No more folks responded to our presence, so we agreed to move on to the Wetlands. There, we met no resistance until we dropped some of the Menethil Harbor sentries. A few young ones tried their best to thwart us; while we defeated them easily enough, we mourned their passing and saluted their bravery and conviction. They did succeed in keeping us occupied long enough for some more powerful reinforcements to come along.

We had some good melees with the group that gathered, though only the name Starlear stands out in my mind. Zamba announced his need to go, so Alexei and I decided to call it a night. I allowed my warbanner to drop, and upon my return to the land of the living, I was greeted and saluted by a few members of the Knight of the Flag.

I am happy with the companions I had, and hope that we may be able to get more involved in the future.
...StarStar is a good elf..if you crossed your blade with his, you were hurting not-bad people.

((Excellent job, glad you guys had fun! The RoE were absolutely perfect, Lhuurrsa..and if I had any characters who were really the sort to pursue such things, I would probably have been right in the mix with you guys! <needs to think up a blood-thirsty...something> That the KoTF gang saluted you said something to the way you handled yourself Smile This makes me even more proud of the Tribe!))

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