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Ptarra's Ptale
Exerpt from Dispaya's Journal

Ptarra (Dispaya Alt)

Former Names:
The Exile

Current Titles:
Tribal Advisor
Ptarra of the Shatterspear Tribe

Ptarra has a great gift for speaking with spirits of the dead and was abducted at the age of 5 by Hakkar worshippers who wished to use her power for themselves. She was spirited away to Stranglethorn Vale and given to the priests there to be raised as one of them. Ptarra knew that she never truly belonged there and when she grew older the spirits of her ancestors began to call her to escape and come to the north. They told her that Hakkar was not a true god. When she was not allowed to leave she became defiant and found herself imprisoned behind the walls of Zul Garub. The Hakkari priests planned to sacrifice her to their Demon god but at the last minute she was given away to the Dark Shaman Delgarsida in exchange for magical favors. Delgarsida sensed the troll girl's latent talents and sought to use her to infiltrate the Ironsong tribe where her own defiant daughter, Veramorla had sought sanctuary and refuge.

Delgarsida taught the young troll how to call on the powers of the shaman and sent her to Ironsong under the premiss that Ptarra would help her keep an eye on her daughter. Ptarra, in ignorance, thought she was sent to help a loving mother keep tabs on her wayward daughter as Delgarsida took great care to conceal her own dark powers from the girl. Through Ptarra, Del was able to keep tabs on Vera and hatched several plots against Ironsong. Finally she hatched her darkest scheme and used the mind link she shared with Ptarra to possess and take control of her. She gifted Ptarra with a great dagger of soul stealing and then used the girl to assassinate Ironsong's witch doctor, the troll Priestess Shillatae. The plot succeeded and Tae's soul was trapped in a dagger of the Dark Shaman's creation, and it would have stayed there had Veramorla not confronted her mother with a great artifact blade. Vera struck down her mother and used the dagger of soul stealing against her, simultaneously freeing Shillatae's trapped spirit and trapping Delgarsida's in her stead. Ptarra was judged to be a traitor for her hand in the plot, and was banished to the Isle of dreead.

Ronx, a Tauren who had been possessed by one of Delgarsida's demons, vanished after the incident and was missing in Outland, but Ptarra kept tabs on him through her ties to the spirit world and eventually helped the tribe find and Exorcise the demon from him. For her selfless act, Sreng released Ptarra from exile and welcomed her back to the tribe.

Upon returning, Ptarra finally made it to Winterspring where the spirits called to her and eventually led her through a hidden pass in the mountains. There she discovered the Shatterspear Trolls who were her true family. A family tattoo on her shoulder confirmed her heritage and she was finally reunited with her true parents who were still living. The Shatterspear are a peaceful tribe and among them Ptarra has finally found peace.

Ptarra loves the Ironsong tribe and remains a member in good standing. She endeavors to help anyone she can and dedicates herself to the service of her tribemates. Finally free of slavery, she uses her skills to help her tribemates and hopes to one day vindicate herself in the eyes of all members of the tribe.

If you someday need the help of a shaman, send a call to the spirits and perhaps Ptarra will answer.

Sing True Ironsong!
There are trolls in Winterspring?
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
There is a village in the mountains between Winterspring and Moonglade. It is hidden and the way there is kept secret. The tribe had a moot there once. Maybe Ptarra will take you there sometime. ;-)
Sing True Ironsong!

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