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Protectors of the Endless nutshell guide
This is a council-style encounter during which we'll fight three bosses: Protector Kaolan, Elder Regail, and Elder Asani. They can be killed in different order. The easiest order is: Kaolan, Regail, then Asani. Every time a boss is killed, the remaining boss(es) are healed to full health, so there is no point in cleaving or DoTting them. The enrage timer is 8.5 minutes.


Abilities to deal with:

* Touch of Sha, from Kaolan. This is a DoT that can't be dispelled and lasts until Kaolan dies. It is cast on a new member every 20 sec.
* Lighting Bolt, from Regail. This is an interruptible single-target nuke, cast at his current target.
* Lighting Prison, from Regail. This is a DISPELLABLE DEBUFF that stuns 2 random targets and damages everyone within 7 yards.
* Water Bolt, from Asani. Interruptible nuke that targets a random raid member's location & does damage in a 3 yard radius.
* Cleansing Waters, from Asani. A globe of water that slowly descends at the location of a boss, HEALING any bosses within 3 yards when it reaches the ground.


* Shantow will take Kaolan, Sevdrith will take Regail and Asani. These two bosses don't melee very often so it's not a problem to have them on one tank.
* We'll kill Kaolan first
* INTERRUPT Water Bolt from Asani and Lighting Bolt from Regail whenever possible
* Stay SPREAD OUT to avoid splash damage from Water Bolt and Lighting Prison. Stay at least 7 yards apart -- use /range.
* DISPEL players affected by Lighting Prison
* If Asani summons a globe of Cleansing Water, move the boss away from the orb. Regail and Asani may need to be interrupted to move.

--> Stay spread out and interrupt Lighting Bolt and Water Bolt as often as possible. Heal the Touch of Sha.


When one boss is killed, the remaining two are healed to full health and their damage is permanently increased by 25%. In addition to this, the two remaining bosses gain additional abilities.

New abilities to deal with:

* Lightning Storm, by Regail: Ground-AoE that affects several areas of the floor in succession, dealing very high damage. Every 50 seconds Regail will create 5 waves of lighting strikes. The first strike is a circle at HIS location, and then successive waves strike in ever larger rings around him with a radius of 20, 40, 60, and 80 yards.
* Corrupted Waters, by Asani: a globe that buffs the bosses' melee and casting speed by 50%. It can be killed, and doing so buffs RAID members within 15 yards with 25% increased melee and casting speed for 20 seconds.

Old abilities:
* Lighting Bolt, by Regail: interruptable single-target nuke
* Lighting Prison, by Regail: Dispellable debuff stun + damage within 7 yards
* Water Bolt, by Asani: Interruptible single-target nuke
* Cleansing Waters: Globe that slowly descends & heals the boss when it reaches the boss if he's within 3 yards.


* Remain spread out with a distance of 7 yards.
* Position near the border between lighting zones so you can quickly move back and forth to avoid the damage.
* When a Corrupted Waters Globe spawns, move within 15 yards, and kill it. Then spread back out.
* Move bosses away from the globes of Cleansing Waters.
* Kill Regail.

--> The hardest part of phase 2 is dealing with Lightning Storm. We will need to learn where the borders between the zones are & stand next to them so we can run into a safe zone.


New abilities:

* Overwhelming Corruption: A stacking raid debuff that deals increasing shadow damage, lasting until the end of the fight.

Old abilities:

* Water bolt: interruptible nuke
* Cleansing Waters: globe that slowly descends & heals the boss when it reaches the ground if he's within 3 yards
* Corrupted Waters: globe that buffs the boss while alive, and gives a 20 sec buff to players when killed


* Remain mildly spread out for Water Bolt.
* INTERRUPT Water Bolt when possible
* KILL the globe of Corrupted Waters
* Move the boss away from the globe of Cleansing Waters
* Healers heal increasing raid damage

We'll use Bloodlust during phase 3

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