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Proposing something new.
Not completely new to all of us however, < steals a page from SnG's book >.

I'm curious what all of your guy's thoughts are in regards to possibly setting aside an hour somewhere in the week to do a little pre-Maiden clearing. Much like SnG does now, we'd go in on some night (one to be decided by us all), clear through Attumen and Moroes in however long it takes us (typically 50'ish minutes) and be done. I know there are both pros and cons to this, so let's discuss:

Damoxian won't be able to make it due to his work schedule. I don't see that being that much of an issue though. I'm pretty sure we could snag another DPS class to fill his slot for the two bosses. I also don't think he needs anything off of 'em (correct me if I'm wrong on that, Damo). I'm confident we could faire excellently well without our leader in this regard.

- Now that Gruul has started and is sneaking into our usual Karazhan time, we don't necessarily have the amount of time we did before hand to romp around Medivh's tower. Granted yes, we could, however during our last attempts last night at Nightbane it proved that seven plus hours of raiding in that single day made some of our brains freakin' hurt. Hurting brains = silly mistakes.

- Doing this would make it so on Saturday when we go in, we'd basically be right at the Maiden (plus just her minions who make me crave chinese food, all of the other silly trash connected to Moroes will have despawned by the time we go back in). This means much quicker progression. Instead of spending four hours to get to the Curator and try at the shade, we'd instead be able to do Maiden, Opera, even Nightbane (when we're able to down him, which I imagine will be soon), Curator and the Shade in one night and presumably in much less time. Sunday could then be for Illhoof, Chess, Prince.. and <shudders> Netherspite whenever we get to 'em (keep in mind this too will provide us some actual time to work on him). It could go a bit different than that, whatever works, regardless we'd still have a lot more time to work on that much more.

- Once we inevitably face Gruul himself, there's going to be times when we're -that- close to beating him that trying him a few more times might make the trick. As Gruul time further bleeds into our Kara time for the sake of progression, Vanguard won't have to freak out over the fact we haven't even touched Attumen yet.

- And all the other stuff my tired faced thought of way earlier and can't remember. All in all I think it could be really helpful and productive to do. SnG can probably vouch for this.

Anyways, thoughts, ideas? I'll ask you guys about this today in raid too, some of us don't seem to be on the forms very often and this could be completely missed, but this'll serve as a discussion starter for those who do.

And sorry about the wall of text and my uncanny ability to type entirely waaaaaaay too much! :">

- Sound
Alright then!

As we discussed earlier in raid, we'll be shooting for doing this on Tuesdays since you all were up for it and that night worked best. If you're free and able from now on, please please show up around 6PM server time on that night to join us in clearing Attumen and Moroes. It'll only take about an hour of your time - it should be fun and quick. Mmmk?

Remember: Tuesdays, 6PM server time, an hour'ish of your time, Karazhan.

See ya there. :]
If it's just trash clearing, with loot no one in your group needs, I'd love to be able to come along since I don't have anything from there.

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