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Prophet Skitra
The Prophet Skitra is a two phase encounter.  In Phase One we'll need to deal with mechanics; in Phase Two we'll need to figure out which of multiple illusions is the real boss and kill it.


Shadow Shock: Anti-Tank attack:  Applies a debuff (and may also hit 2 random raid members -- not clear whether this went live).

--> Tanks should swap every 3-4 stacks.

Shred Psyche:  Debuff applied to a player, spawns an add:  When it expires an add will spawn at the player's location and will immediate cast Psychic Outburst, which deals large raid-wide falloff damage.  Then it will chain-cast Psychic Reverberations, which deals consistent raid-wide damage.

--> Debuffed player must move away from the raid before the debuff expires / add spawns.  Once the add spawns, raid should switch to it and kill it ASAP.

Images of Absolution:  walking wall:  adds spawn in a line on one side of the room and slowly walk to the other side.  Will one-shot players who stand too close.  They CAN be crowd-controlled so we can make gaps in the line (roots, grip, knock them away etc.)  After 30 seconds, they will no longer be immune to damage and can be killed off instantly (as they only have 1 health).

--> Avoid getting killed by the wall.  Make gaps in the wall by CCing or knocking-back mobs.  After 30 seconds, kill the adds.

PHASE TWO (at 80% health, and every 20% health thereafter)

The boss will disappear and various illusions of the boss will spawn.

The raid is also put into two different phases, called Clouded Mind (red debuff) or Twisted Mind (blue debuff).  The illusions will be in different places in the two phases, EXCEPT for ONE illusion, which will be in the SAME location in both phases.

We will need to identify WHICH illusion is in the same location in both phases, and killing it off.

Killing the wrong one will cause Mind Quake, a huge burst of raid-wide damage.

--> Suggested strategy:  have a player in one phase (e.g. red) place a raid marker on top of each illusion in that phase.  Then have a player in the other phase (e.g. blue) announce the MOMENT a raid marker appears on top of an illusion in the blue phase.  THAT is the add that must be killed to end the phase.

We want this phase over quickly as raid members will be getting hit with raid-wide damage (Illusionary Bolts) and we'll be getting Dark Ritual stacks (increases damage taken).

Once we kill the shared illusion, Phase One returns.  The phases continue to alternate, with a Phase Two at every 20% health.

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