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Proper Use of Guildchat/OOC in Guildchat
I'd like to take a moment to clarify the proper use of the tribe's guildchat channel.

Guildchat is for communicating with your tribemates in an in-character manner. Periodic OOC commentary is acceptible if used in moderation -
Kretol Wrote:Please keep in mind that we officers do not mind brief/occasional OOC remarks in guildchat. However, before making an OOC comment, please consider whether your statement can be phrased to be appropriate in an in-character manner. We encourage everyone to make the attempt (if not being done already) to find ways to cut back on the OOC chatter in the guildchat channel.

Any and all prolonged OOC conversations should be kept in the IronsongOOC channel or in tells. On that note, PvP discussion should be kept to the Battlesong channel, unless it's concerning something major (ie, "Warchief Thrall is under attack! Any available Tribemates please come to assist in his defense!")

Reduced OOC and even more in-character discussion and comments in guildchat will increase our immersive Warcraft experience substantially! Big Grin

I'd specifically like to address the issue of abbreviations and emoticons. I'd really like to see them stop. The Code of Conduct addresses this issue, but perhaps it is time for me to be more direct about it.

Emoticons, smileys, or whatever else you wish to call them, are not appropriate for IC guildchat. If your character wishes to express something non-verbally, please type it out. Shortcuts and lowest-common-denominator efforts at communication undermine the roleplay atmosphere that we try to foster within Ironsong.

Unless specifically appropriate, I'd like to see abbreviations and shortenings of proper names cease as well. UD Strat, Ony, MC, BWL, SM, Rags... this really gets under my skin. The reason we know these names in their abbreviated format is because they are referred to as such by players of a game.... but OUR CHARACTERS ARE NOT PLAYERS IN A GAME. These places and things are very real to them, and unless you have a really good in-character reason for communicating this way, don't.

Please do your best to abide by these recommendations and encourage others to do so as well. Consider this statement a clarification of points Four and Five of the Code of Conduct.



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