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Problems with Grimtotems
It seems we have another problem with the Grimtotem clan. Tonight Valtrinity showed up at the moot severely injured, as if she had been in a great combat. She was so weak from her injuries that she could barely hold her axe. I called upon the power of the Earthmother and combined with the skills I have picked up form the Horde Trauma Unit I was able to repair her body once more. However her soul is another matter.

It seems that after the moot on the day that Dispaya disappeared Valtrinity went out to look for her. It was during her investigations that she was assaulted by members of the Grimtotem and taken to their encampment in Thousand Needles. Over many days she was beaten by the Grimtotems, however she did manage to hold on and escape using her Astral Recall.

Unfortunately this seems to have been thier plan all along because she found the following note tied to the shaft of her axe;

Advocate of Ironsong,

If you are reading this then the Alaris woman has escaped form us. No matter for it shall get our point across.
I and the rest of the Grimtotem simply demand one thing; The soul of Delgarsida. Return it to us.
You have no doubt seen the wounds inflicted upon your shaman, but the curse I have inflicted upon her is far worse I can assure you. Depending on her strength she will slowly wither away and die.
I will lift the curse if you turn over the soul.

Please take your time to decide.

Sivaras Grimtotem.

This curse is unlike any I have seen, I have tried all my considerable healing arts to remove it but I am unable. I took Valtrinity to the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff, there I hope they can at least hold off whatever this waisting curse is. She is resting there now, with what provisions and alchemical remedies I could provide to make her comfortable.

But it seems that we now must take action. Once again the Grimtotem have assaulted one of our own, and are using her to try and get Delgarsida's soul. We can not let this happen, Delgarsida's evil can not be let loose upon the worlds again. I am unsure how to proceed, and seek the wisdom of the Tribe in finding a solution to this problem.
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