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Prisom Netherseer
State your name and any titles that you have earned, through service to the Horde in battle or otherwise.

Prisom Netherseer read over his letter like a man studying a contract written in blood asking he give up his immortal soul. Perhaps he was over analyzing a simple letter for membership with an order, but if he was one thing, he was meticulous. In fact, he found it slightly amusing when his sister had come to him and expressed such glee she had approached the Ironsong Tribe on her own first. He hadn’t told her that ever since he had met the Blood Knight in the crossroads from that Tribe he had been looking into them. He wanted to impress them, after all, if he could. He hoped that the fact he, his sister, and Zahndrin had ventured into the horror that was Deatholme and returned triumphant would favor their reputation.

List your vocation, be it Mage, Hunter, or any other.

Prisom finally finished reading his words and with a satisfied nod he began to slip the letter inside the envelope and then seal it with the red wax symbol of his family’s crest. He was glad his father had taught him the simple incantations sometimes. Actually melting the wax and carefully pressing his ring signet into it would have taken too much time, after all. Grinning to himself, he rose slowly and then spun on his heel, chain mail clanking as he thought about the fellow Blood Knight he had met. She had filled him with a sense of pride, something he had often been struggling to maintain of late. Oh, he knew that being a Blood Knight would be the most difficult path to choose. It was why he chose it after all. However, he never fathomed how much even some of his own people loathed him now. Setting his jaw, Prisom merely walked more purposefully to the mailbox. He at least knew there were some prices that had to be paid for the safety the Sin’dorei were now assured.

Please introduce yourself to us, as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time.

Much less “innocent” that his sister, Prisom knows a bit more about how the world really works.. While this may make him appear intelligent, mature, and well spoken… one thing that defines him is the simple fact that, if he were to hear you call his sister “immature” he’d probably take your head off. He might be considered educated, but he can be highly irrational in regards to his twin. Once, as a young child, Prisom even found a way to escape his crib and nearly cracked his head open trying to get to his sister who was only searching her favorite wardrobe at the time, and really in no danger. She had merely traveled out of his sight.

Everything else is already well told in Shenawyn’s own words…

Tell us about any professions you have taken up, such as Tailoring or First Aid.

Slipping the letter home into the mail slot, Prisom spun on his heels again and headed for his workbench back at his apartments. He was glad to live on his own now, it allowed him to meditate a tad better than when he had 50 or so servants dogging at his heals wondering if he needed his back scratched or arse wiped. He knew sometimes his sister joked she could barely function without servants, but he himself had grown to detest them and how nosy they could be. Besides, now that he had time to himself, he had finally focused on something he had found to be quite meditative. Forming and bending metals and setting gems was perhaps not something a strong, well toned, and large Blood Knight might do… but he had grown to like it. Even the simple art of prospecting had wielded him some satisfaction on being in tune with not just the Power of Light, but the very earth itself.

After he was done making a new ring to sell on the market, he thought he’d cook his sister dinner. She’s be back soon from her trip to Booty Bay. He had wanted to go with her, but the sudden pain had set in that he sometimes would get since taking up the mantle of the Blood Knight. He rode it out, as he always did, and was glad that at least this time it hadn’t been as long. He was getting stronger.

She’d probably be home within the hour, in fact, and if she went “Moo” at one more Tauren because she was hungry, he’d probably end up fighting one of the large ambassadors from Thunderbluff… then he’d be thankful he didn’t just reply on the Light for aid, but also knew how to bind and dress severe horn wounds…

What are the Clans, Tribes, or Guilds that you have been a part of in the past, if any?

Ah well, at least things were heading forward. Prisom knew it was time to seek out a Tribe or Guild of sorts… and that Blood Knight he had met at the Crossroads had decided him. As much as Zahndrin was capable, as much as his sister could almost seem to melt a foe’s face sometimes… he knew that places like Shadowfang Keep would eventually give way to much more difficult challenges. Besides, a strong Tribe would be a good ‘contact establishing’ experience, he knew. Something the Netherseer twins, and now their game wardern Zahndrin, could use.

Please describe what drew your interest in joining the Ironsong Tribe, and any memorable interactions you have had with members of Ironsong.

Thinking of the tribe made Prisom grin slightly at the memory of the fellow Blood Knight he’d encountered in the Barrens. He also chuckled to himself as he walked and shook his head, smirking a tad ruefully. She had been nothing but polite, honorable, and respectful. He was sorry she had caught him and his sister at odds. Still, the Blood Knight had been wise when she mentioned she had nothing but respect for the Demonic magics of his sister’s practice. Had she shown Shenawyn any inkling of actual disrespect, he probably would have dismissed the Ironsong Tribe out of hand.

What is the greatest trial you have faced, either long ago, or in the recent past?

Prisom smiled at the thought of joining a group. Finally they would not be alone. Sure, so far they had managed to best everything thrown against him… but one of the problems Prisom was dealing with of late was the greatest trial he had ever faced: Rejection. Many of his people now seemed to hold him in contempt. It was something he finally realized he might need to talk about with other Blood Knights in his order.

What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them? What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth?

Prisom snorted to himself at his last thought. While it might be something that would enlighten him, he also knew that all he would ever REALLY need was his sister. He lived for her. He had decided to Bend Light to keep her as safe as possible.

Whatever happened with them, he would make sure the Netherseer family name was known far and wide. He would make his parents proud, and not only bring honor to the order of Blood Knights but also all the Sin’dorei. Most importantly, through it all he vowed his sister would never be in any danger as long as he made the world a place she could roam in without fear.

Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? If so, please state so here in addition to a reply to the post itself.

((Read and agree with it a LOT. It is a great Code of Conduct that speaks to all the usual problems one can, sadly, run into with RP guilds. Wink And everything Shen said in her application here pretty much echoes my OOC info. I will say that I am an experienced Roleplayer who actually turned into a WoW raider. I gave that up though, as it was pretty dull in the long run and I missed being creative.

Look forward to your moot tonight! Big Grin ))

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