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Primal Mooncloth Bags?
What's a list of the fully raw materials one would need for a Primal Mooncloth Bag? Any sort of cooldown involved?
[item]Primal Mooncloth[/item] x 8
[item]Netherweb Spider Silk[/item] x 4

The creation of Primal Mooncloth is on a four day cooldown. Non-Mooncloth specialists can make one piece every four days. Mooncloth specialists can make two pieces every four days. I am the only mooncloth specialist I know of in the guild, though there may be others.

I can make these bags presently, though I would need you to supply the materials, as all of my mooncloth is being horded right now for a [item]Primal Mooncloth Robe[/item]. >.> At the current rate, my mooncloth cooldown will be free in about 20 days. Though again, if you can scrounge up the materials, I will be very happy to make a bag for you! And if there is a cooldown on making the bags, I have not heard of it.

And for reference, each piece of [item]Primal Mooncloth[/item] takes the following to make:
[item]Netherweave Cloth[/item] x 18
[item]Arcane Dust[/item] x 2
[item]Primal Water[/item] x 1
[item]Primal Life[/item] x 1
Alright, thanks for the info.

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