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Priest Testing.

Well, I finally managed to get Zema copied over to the test server.

I have been having a complete blast for the past hour and a half or so..um.. soloing. Solo, you say? Why is that fun? ...because I haven't been /able/ to solo since I respeced at 52. ... Solo ... holy cats. I can SOLO the Winterspring Furbolgs without stopping after every /single/ fight (still have to stop after two or three, and more than three kills me - still relearing the inner workings of some spells. hehe).

While it's not as efficient at killing as Shadow, it lets me DO things on my own, instead of having to beg Edo to come farm with me (who doesn't hate farming, but when you have to ask for help, it's doubly bad).

How, healing is something I haven't had a chance to test... unfortunately, it's very difficult to get a group as a healer (Um..since 75% of the population of Orgrimmar were level 60 priests when I logged in, hah).

I will continue to test the changes and test specs as long as the borrowed gold holds out (LOVE that I can borrow coin, transfer my character, and then give the "real" gold back! - haven't /ever/ had tripple-digit coin on Zema! it's neat -.- )
(( Well, I met up with Toraver (different name, same character) on Test, and I may yet convince Edo to transfer over to test things. I would be EXTREMELY interested in running the "old" level 60 re-made dungeons with guildies and friends that want to transfer over and test.

I am still unsure how the changes affect grouping and raiding, since I'm terrified of the rampant idiocy of the pickup groups on the Test server.

If anyone comes around, look for Zarraema or /join ironluck <grins>

Character Transfers are available at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/login/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.worldofwarcraft.com%2Faccount%2Fcharacter-copy.html">https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/login/l ... -copy.html</a><!-- m --> ))
I just used a pregenerated character for my testing. She came with Anathema and a Talisman of Ephimeral Power! I wanted to cry... Did some quick testing with a 'mage' build for the priest. A level 60 holy nova costs about 650 mana, removing a lot of the temptation to spam it - which was the biggiest question I had.
( yes, I can only cast Holy Nova a few times before I'm completely oom, but it's nice for things like ... the healer for the aoe group at Jek'lik, when someone's going down too fast for prayer of healing...etc Still, I need more testing, there's a lot to look at. )
Lightwell: Limited use. 10-minute cooldown, 2 minutes or 5 charges.

The effect you gain is not channeled like a bandage (ie: you can move around all you like), however, the instant you take damage, it cancels and you loose however much healing is left.

I am unsure if the lightwell remains after the priest is dead...further testing!


Lightwell remains after priest death. Non-Damaging debuffs do not cancel the lightwell's effect.

Spirit of Redemption: 10 seconds is SHORT - unsure if I can use my trinket while in Spirit form (Assuming no, as it would be insanely over powered to have a 1.5 sec greater heal with the unlimited mana of the Spirit, even if only for 10 sec). EDIT: Trinket will not function with Spirit of Redemption - "You may not use items while in Shapeshifted Form"

Still testing!
Still cheaper Holy Nova than I personally expected.

What is the new mana cost of top rank Smite? I'll get on there myself but don't have the time just yet.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
New smite (sorry, I forgot to look WITHOUT talents) is 280 mana with holy talents for 384 - 429 damage.

That makes it only slightly less mana efficient than mind blast.

Crunching the numbers:

Smite 0.73 mana / damage

Mind Blast 0.69 mana / damage

These are with holy/disc talents and without any shadow talents.

Holy fire is most efficient with 0.51 mana / damage if you count the dot component...and holy talents, of course.
DISPEL: Hah! Now, when there is nothing to dispel (On player OR CREATURE!), you recieve a message informing you of such, and NO MANA is consumed!

I love this! Extremely positive change.

Unknown (but assumed so) if this applies to dispeling diseases, curses, and poisons.
Interesting. I understand that druids *will* be able to, finally, use items in their forms. (items =...trinkets? potions? healthstones? food? I can only dream!)

Can priests use pots in shadowform?
I have not re-speced Zema to shadow since I've been on test, yet (intend to, just to play with it, but not to stay)...but, when I /was/ shadow, it was impossible to use any items in shadowform.

I have been lead to believe that trinkets and potions are useable for druids, now...however, I am out of transfers for this test realm (wanted to play with zarrae's spec a bit and a pre-fab warrior and hunter)...I don't know anyone (yet) who has played a druid that is on test. ...but I will keep asking around.
Potions would be really, really nice!

Imagine trying to be a tank or melee dps who can't down a health potion at will.

Or an OOMkin who can't drink a mana potion.

Or me, as The Living Bomb, trying to run away from my group, wait to start falling, down a pot, shift into bear before I hit the ground, and pray.. I mean, sheesh, where's the challenge gonna be NOW? Shift, run, fall, potion, healthstone, LIVE! That's just too easy! This is all a conspiracy to make druids soft! I see through their plan...like when they moved the trinket of Aquatic Endurance. There will be whole new generations of weak, pathetic druids, who can't swim and can kill mobs in less than three minutes by themselves.

It looks like druids are able to use potions, but not all trinkets (it's a possible bug - that certain trinkets may be broken).

I just respeced shadow and was able to use potions, healthstones, etc, in shadowform. This was not always so. (or, atleast, I do not remember being able to)

Back to my comfortable 19/32/0 spec. hehe. I like it, most I have seen do not.
Flu has always been able to use trinkets, potions and the like in shadowform. If I hadn't been able to I would have dropped her in an instant.
I recall it changing some time in the 'early' stages of the game...or, I could be delerious. Either one is possible Wink ..but Zema had shadow form from 40 to 52 or 53 (whenever it was that I respeced to holy/disc - I would have to go look that RP story up on the Silver Night boards).

I recall having to drop shadow to down a healing potion or... something <yawns and mumbles and falls asleep> I can't remember!
Well, I took the plunge and attempted Strat with a pickup - when I arrived, the Warrior, Shaman, and Mage were pre-fab (meaning that they copied test-characters, not their own - and the warrior had only a single 2-handed hammer, no shield, and all that jazz..).

I knew we would die when I asked, very politely, if the warrior knew what he needed to do to keep agro. His reply? "Taunt, lol" ..oiye..

In any case, I have learned that the 70% reduction in interrupts to healing is more than amazing. The 2.5 cast greater heal is beautiful but will end up draining a lot of mana if you don't /think/ about what you're casting.

It's going to take time to get used to, but I'm fairly excited about bringing it live or testing on Test with Ironsingers.

Anyway, the pickup lasted until the first boss pull. Heh. Oiye.

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