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Priest Mod that intrigues me...

Out of sheer morbid curiosity, those who play priests (at any level)...what do you think of this mod?

MUSE - http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=1217

Unfortunately, I believe the calculations are set up for priest spirit / mana calculations...but I would be interested if it worked for Druids as well.

It looks very interesting for helping to figure out what may be more valuable (gear wise) to your build/gear setup for longer fights.

Let me know what you think...and I will be testing its userfriendliness and attempting to figure out its accuracy.

If NOTHING else, I learned a great deal simply from reading the explination of the mod.

Mana Use & Stat Evaluation (MUSE)
Monitors mana use and regeneration.

By: Pater of Eldre'Thalas

This release is for testing and bug quashing.

Designed to help priests (only, for now) compare the benefit of INT and mana regeneration on gear.
During short fights, INT is always more important. In long fights, regen is more important.
This mod is designed to help evaluate whether INT, SPI, or other mana-regen generated more mana for the priest.
It is likely that only L60 priests who raid 20 and 40-man content will find this tool useful, because most other priests do not have combats that last 120 seconds or more.
On the other hand, any priest could record longer blocks of time (such as yard trash clearing in instances or level grinding) to try to optimize mana use and regen.

Stats: INT, SPI, and MFS (+mana/5 sec)
FSR = Five-second-rule (SPI-based regen disabled or reduced to a fraction, for five seconds after a completed spellcast)
Time types are:
- TFR = Time spent at normal mana regen (non-FSR).
- TLR = Time spent at low mana regen (within FSR).
- TFM = Time spent at full mana (While you are at full mana, *none* of the stats in consideration help you - this time is subtracted from totals.)
"meditation" refers to talents that allow SPI regen to continue (at reduced rate) during FSR.
"mentalstrength" refers to talents that increase mana gains from INT.

1 INT = 15 mana (increased up to 15% by talents)
1 SPI = 0.25 mana/tick = 0.125 mana/sec (at full regeneration). (In FSR, zero or a percentage of full, with certain talents.)
+1 Mana per 5 seconds = 0.20 mana/sec (at all times)

The basic formula for INT versus SPI is 15/0.125 = 120 seconds.
(That means that it would take 120 seconds of non-FSR time for one point of SPI to regenerate the same amount of mana that 1 point of INT gave you.)
An illustration:

The final output stat comparison gives a number for SPI and a number for MFS. These numbers are designed to be compared to a baseline of INT=1.0.
For example, after a very long boss fight, you might see the following output.

Example: SPI = 1.5 MFS = 2.6.
This means that for every point of mana that INT gave your mana pool, you regained 1.6 points of mana per point of SPI and 2.6 points of mana per MFS.

If you wanted to optimize your gear or your buffs, you might use the numbers in the following way:

-Gear Comparison-
Compare two cloaks and see which would help you most during that fight:
Frostweaver Cape, 12 INT, 12 SPI
Faded Hakkari Cloak, 8 INT, 6 MFS

Frostweaver: 12INT*1.0 + 12SPI*1.5 = 30
Faded Hakkari: 8INT*1.0 + 6MFS*2.6 = 23.6

The Frostweaver cloak would be superior in terms of mana use (ignoring STA, resists, etc.).

-Buff Comparison-
If you had to choose between Blessing of Wisdom and Blessing of Kings, which would you prefer?
Blessing of Wisdom: 33MFS*2.6 = 85.8
Blessing of Kings (assume you have 300 INT and 300 SPI): 30INT*1.0 + 30SPI*1.5 = 75

Wisdom would get you more mana than Kings in this situation (again, ignoring STA benefits).


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