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Pretty pretty please with extra sugar on top?
Help me with my homework!

I've got papers to write, and I can't do that without data. So I'm begging, pleading, and bribing y'all to help me with it!

There are three surveys - two for me, and one for a friend - and they'll take pretty much no time at all.
  • • Emoticons (Official page with official language)
    • Social Networking Sites (Official page with official language)
    • Attitudes[/list:u]

    (Men are especially needed for that last one, as my friend's survey is skewed almost 20-1 female at the moment.)

    Given that the papers are due on April 31st, I need you guys to come through soon! If I can get 20 responses to each (and I know there are at least 20 of you that read this), I'll put up a 'requests' thread, where people can ask for sketches of specific things (like, say, Melikar and Thanuist *finally* kissing, or Umu posing on a pile of enemy skulls, or Dentik-the-life-tree saving Sreng's butt from wiping us all) without the risk of, er, getting 'Dergashed.'

    And if that doesn't float your boat, I'm sure I can come up with alchemy, leatherworking, healing, RP or other rewards. Heck, if it'll get people to respond, I'll have Cora go to a Moot starkers and cluck like a chicken. Wink


    Edit: Oh! I forgot what might be the most important part. This isn't at all limited to Tribemates! Please please please, if you can, send this to people you think would fill it out. The more the merrier!
(Also, just in case anyone's wondering, I did that entire picture in Microsoft Word. Hence the somewhat wobbly lines. But I think I did a pretty awesome job, for all that.)
Coranda Wrote:(Also, just in case anyone's wondering, I did that entire picture in Microsoft Word. Hence the somewhat wobbly lines. But I think I did a pretty awesome job, for all that.)

Microsoft Word? 0_o Still looks great.
Hi Coranda -- the link to the third study, "Attitudes," just leads to a page of official language, and not a survey. Could you provide the link?


Oh! That's the start of the survey. The continue button is allllll the way at the bottom right. It just looks like this:
. After that, you'll get taken to the questions and stuff.
Oh, good! Thanks!

*Goes to fill out the survey*
Hm! Very interesting subjects you're studying, and some commendable approaches to gathering data. Good luck to you!
I felt kinda silly filling out the Facebook one, since I don't use it, at all. My answers seemed like they could possibly screw up your data.

Maybe it is by design, but it seemed like I needed a "I don't use Facebook" option.

Kinda to late now, since I filled it out already.

I did all of them. Smile

The facebook survey didn't last long. I don't use it. xD
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Did the first one, skipped the second one after seeing the first list. And yeah, the third one kind of assumes you use facebook or a similar site. Considering it's for attitudes, there needs to be a response like "Sorry, I'm a grown up". Smile (hey look, an emoticon)
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
Waka and I filled out your surveys!

I humbly request a drawing of Melly and Waka. Also, I just remembered that we were both and the Coranda + Amato in game wedding. How far we've come!
My only beef with the third survey is that I need an option for, "If my friends post political stuff in their facebook, I immediately tune out and pretend I never saw it, whether I agree with them or not." With the follow-up question, "Yes, I am politically active, I just think the internet is a catalyst for the sloppiest political statements ever. It encourages extreme selection bias, and people think that just because there's 30 other like-minded people on the internet, they constitute a majority."
I dont use facebook either...does that mean I am not "in" with most of the world?
Wow! Thank you all for taking the survey. And the feedback is excellent!

I'll post a little more information on the nature and purpose of the surveys once I've closed them, to avoid tainting my data pool. But do keep talking! It's like data sprinkles on top of a yummy information cake. Smile
all of them done =^.^=

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