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Preparing for Malygos
With Kel'Thuzad down Ironsong begins to set it's sights on the next challenge. Malygos.

This is a complex battle, with multiple stages. It would be very helpful for raiders to review the strategy when they have the chance. Malygos Strategy

As with Sapphiron there is a certain amount of preparation that every raider needs, to ensure our success. However, it's not farming for gear that will win the battle, but actually doing a daily quest that some may not even realize existed.

The quest, Aces High!, is probably one of the most difficult ones you'll encounter, as you'll be mounted on a red drake, and have to learn to use its abilities in a certain rotation in order to succeed. Please read the comments on the WoWhead pages (the ones highlighted in green are ones that other people found helpful in some way) to help you figure it out.

The reason practicing this quest is so important, is that in the 3rd and final phase of the Malygos fight the entire raid will be mounted on drakes with the exact same abilities, and everyone knowing how to use those abilities will mean the difference between the Tribe's success or repeated failure.
I am under the impression that the final battle in The Occulus instance is meant as preperation for such a fight as well. Not sure if the Malygos fight is similar by any means, but it gives you a feel of how to manipulate the drakes while battling a large dragon.
In Aces High!, the drake you fly has largely the same abilities as the drake you will fly against Malygos. The opponents you fight have abilities that offer you a comparable workout to what you will face fighting Malygos. It's much more of a one-to-one comparison.

Ley-Guardian Eregos is most similar in that he is draconic and the "vehicles" you use to fight him are as well. The abilities used and faced have little in common with Malygos and the red drakes used against him.

I'd read the Malygos strat and suggested ability rotations on the drakes and try those specific patterns on Aces High! - even if you are already exalted with Wyrmrest Accord. I know for most of the time I was doing that daily for rep I was using a pattern that probably didn't help me learn for Malygos. Obviously this solo quest is not as challenging as facing an Aspect so there is more margin for error.

I agree with Rawne/Dentik that everyone should be working on this quest and studying the strategy. It's different enough from previous battles that they gave us a training tool - we need to use it.
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This actually sounds like a rather fun fight!

...once you get past all the wipes because people don't know what's going on. But then it should be a lot easier!
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Malygos Strategy Guide

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.bosskillers.com/cgi-bin/bbguild/index.cgi?action=view_guide&guide_id=475&sid=xZFAqTEdWy">http://www.bosskillers.com/cgi-bin/bbgu ... xZFAqTEdWy</a><!-- m -->
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
With Monday being the first serious Ironsong attempt on Malygos the officers *STRONGLY RECOMMENDED* that anyone planning to attend read the 25 man strategy guide on bosskillers.com that I linked in the original post (it's the same link Jaba posted right above). There are three phases to the fight, and the strategy for each is completely different.

So that we can get the most amount of attempts at the highest quality, please study the strategy before the raid. The guide breaks down strategies for each separate role (Tank, Healer, DPS), so please pay special attention to what these say and memorize them. History has shown us that after explaining a complex fight over vent, a lot of people still do not understand what their supposed to do; and this is the most complex fight we've done in Wrath! So if you don't want to be the one that wipes the raid because you didn't know where to stand in Phase 2 or what rotation to use on your drake in Phase 3 then please do your homework.

The other thing we'd like to stress--and you're going to be hearing more and more of this as we get further and further into content--is to bring at least one flask with you to the raid as well as healing/mana/dps potions. It's a 2 hour raid and the flask will last you for that long no matter how many times you die. Please, it takes very few mats to make these and there are several tribe members that can make them: (Oryx, Dispaya, possibly Dannae). You should be able to afford the materials on your own, but please ask your tribemates to help you gather them (and tip them if they do). I personally have plenty of herbs (I have enough Frost Lotus for almost an entire raid to be flasked), and am happy to share with people if that means they will be more prepared for the fight. It's that little extra that can mean the difference between a kill and a wipe.

Thank you for your time. Let's show Malygos what us mere mortals can do! For the Horde!

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