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Prelude to the Sunwell - RP raiding event
Please...do what you must to save my daughter...I will do no less.

Those were the words spoken by Delgarsida Grimtotem, once known to Ironsong as one of the most hated villianesses of all time. Now she kneels at Dispaya's feet pleading for Veramorla's life. She knew the pact she made with the Legion years ago affected her and her family and the most terrible way. The Legion's pact condemned Veramorla, Sivaras, and everyone else connected to Delgarsida by blood. A mistake she made recklessly. Even now, Veramorla descends into a state of madness. Soon, she will become no less a monster than Delgarsida was in life. Yes...Delgarsida does live again...but she no longer is the same. A grotesque, undead being of what she once was, now granted with the unholy power of a death knight by Arthas.

Dispaya responded by saying, "We will commit Ironsong's forces to this on one condition. YOU will lead the attack."

Delgarsida agreed without hesitation. A chance to destroy the one she made the pact with...the monster that condemned her and her family....Kil'jaeden...the name alone seemed to boil her non-flowing blood in her body.

"Understand that we do this for Vera. YOU we will deal with afterwards," Dispaya added.

Delgarsida paused briefly before reluctantly agreeing again.

"I will assign someone to assist you in this. His name is Kardwel. He has his own reasons for wanting to return to the Sunwell, so perhaps we can solve two problems with one trip. I only hope that you two will find what you seek, perhaps maybe your own redemption. I declare a truce between us....for now," Dispaya said.

Delgarsida nodded quietly. The lives of her two daughters were at stake...she would prepare to do what she must...Kil'jaeden would be waiting in the Sunwell for her. His pawn to finally return to him....

(OOC: We are planning an RP raiding event for this Saturday at 6 PM server time to take down Kil'jaeden in Sunwell Plateau. We are shooting for this time currently, but it is not written in stone. If you would like to plan on showing up for this event, please sign up here. More info to follow.)
Kardwel could feel the sweat glistening over his hands as he climbed the hill to Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff. Dispaya had sent him an urgent tell, informing him that he was needed immediately. Feeling suddenly put off at being interrupted from his jewelcrafting work (it was the only thing distracting him enough at this point), he made way to the Bluff without hesitation.

He could feel his body jerking slightly, almost convulsing sometimes as he walked. It was very embarrassing, but what else could he do? This was the only way he could keep himself in check. Regardless, he was far enough away from the Sunwell that he wasn't being too badly affected.

He finally neared the top of the bluff, spotting the familiar form of Dispaya. Anca was with her, as was some other troll he had never seen before. And kneeling before the Lady was a Tauren. A Death Knight tauren, to be exact. Kardwel instinctively began to feel his lip curl towards the said Knight, but a sudden twitch in his shoulder made him forget the look.

Dispaya quickly explained how this was a Tauren that was an enemy to the tribe. How she had sided with the Legion, picked by Arthas' hand to be a Death Knight. She was everything they were fighting against. But then he heard her plea to enter the Sunwell. To save her daughters from some kind of horrid fate. To be honest, Kardwel didn't really care about this Tauren woman or her daughters. But if it meant a chance to right his own wrongs, to find the solution to his problem, he'd be willing to work on some kind of truce. As much as he suddenly hated this woman, he had to admit that having such power could help them on their endeavor into the Sunwell Plateau.

He found himself nodding and agreeing. It was going to happen one way or another. Her being here was just to make things easier. Once all was said and done, he didn't know what he would think of anything. The only thought on his mind was to go to the Sunwell and lay it all to rest. Or be consumed by a much worse fate.

((Original thread was here: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=4425">viewtopic.php?f=77&t=4425</a><!-- l --> ))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
I will join your attack force.

(If you end up needing a healer more than DPS then Faeriel will go in my place.))

Officers suggestion:
I think this sounds like a fun event. It would not suprise me if it takes more than 1 week to organize...however do the best you can. These events sometimes work better with more notice. You will need to recruit tanks and healers...hopefully a tank leader who knows the encounters. If this does not get off the ground this Saturday then try again 2 weeks after that to see if more can make it.

This will be a hard instance even with all level 80's. I would love to see the content though as I am sure others would as well. If I can be of any help let me know.

Sing True Ironsong!
((Yeah, this Saturday looks pretty dead. I'm gonna need to advertise this more or something.))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
OOC: Something kind of came up this week that has had my attention rather occupied so I haven't been able to plan this effectively yet. Let's try shooting for this event to occur two weeks from today. That should give plenty of time to those who may be interested in this event to sign up for it and it will give me time to organize it a little.
OOC: I would like to be a part of this as well. Smile

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